Your Pet's Favorite Number Is $19.99!

Does the pup-tub double as a pup-sled in the winter?

Almost got the Pet Tub a few weeks ago, but it was $62 on the site I was browsing. I could have sworn that the price was similar at the time on Amazon also, since I almost always check prices against Amazon. I can’t recall 100% if I did that at the time though; the blue one is currently about $28 on Amazon, and the pink one $10 more.

I’m glad the Pup Tub comes in pink and blue! It’d be such a travesty if my colorblind male dog figured out I’d bought him a pink one!

The Pet Gear PG9710LC Easy Step II is what is listed, but the dimensions and capacity is for the Easy Step I. Which one is actually being offered?

I had a questions about it as well because it says Step height 5", Top step depth 12.25", 2nd step depth 11.5 which would lead me to believe it is about 16" high, and 24" deep, but the dimensions say 17" (L) x 14" (W) x 13" (H).

need the 40" one, it is listed in specs but not for sale???

Correct. Sorry about that. The info was probably copied from a previous sale.

I’ve sent an email with these questions but the weekend may delay getting answers from the vendor.

Where are you getting the list price for the pet bed. On Amazon the list price is listed as $37.99 and they are selling it at $30.06 free shipping.

Our vendors set the MSRP.

Would those carriers be good for cats? Has anyone else noticed that “pet” means “dog” most of the time?