your thoughts on vonage or packet8?


packet8 is cheaper.

vonage i have a referral from a friend

can i do the wireless connections with both?
3 wireless computers
and wireless tivo




Skype in and skype out… way better and way cheaper.


very cool.
but i still want a phone in the house…
i am going to cancel local phone service… and save $60 a month.

i didn’t see a unlimited plan on skype


You can buy a phone that will work with Skype.

There isn’t an unlimited plan. You can pay for a Skype In number, which lets you receive unlimted phone calls then you can just pay as you go for your outbound calls.

I know I seldom if ever use my land line to call out, just to receive.


i saw that yahoo is using skype concept type thingies… i was just breezing through on a different search… i didn’t read the whole t’ing


Before I signed up for VoIP service I did an exhaustive search and research. The best by far is LINGO.

Plus if you refere another subscriber, both parties get a $25 credit.

Can’t beat that.


I saw commercials for vonage. apparently only parents of really stupid people get vonage. Or so the commercials of vonage have shown me.

Myself? I would stay away from vonage - mostly because they’ve used a stupid song and stupidity to reflect their product in commercials…


Should we stay away from you Dreamaster becuase your tag is a Groundhog, which is stupid?


I’ve had Vonage for my home since I moved to NC. It’s worked fine for me, and I now also have their unlimited business package for my business. Everything has worked perfect so far, no complaints at all. However, my dad just signed up with Sun Rocket, and the seem to have a pretty good deal going. If you prepay for the whole year, it’s only $199, plus the give you a free remote number with its own voicemail (Vonage is $5 more with no spare box) AND they’re giving away a free V-tech phone with a spare base. My dad also siad he got an extra 3 months free, but I couldn’t find that part of the offer on their website. I’m actually thinking about switching the home line to them($100+ savings plus free phones?!?!?). Just something else to consider.