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Youth Digital Learn Java with Minecraft
Price: $149.99
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This sounds like the coolest thing ever! I know it says youth but I would love this!!


Check out what had to say

Wow. 26 ratings at Amazon. All 26 are 5 stars.

Previous Woot Discusison -Q&A w/Youth Digital Rep

Sweet. This will be the best Christmas present ever for my 8 year old, Minecraft obsessed daughter.

How firm is that Windows/Mac requirement? Our Minecraft computers are all Linux only. I’ve done some nodding, and found Linux perfectly acceptable for programming with Eclipse.

This could be really cool, but I’m not putting on the Windows laptop in the house.

I have 2 kids who’d get a kick out of this. Can they both use one license or do we have to buy it twice?

Ditto, and before the rep dismisses this as an edge case, it’s not. I’m also very interested in whether it’ll work on Linux. The kids are on speedy & secure Mint systems, their schools use Google docs, they both scoffed when offered a Windows tablet, and I only hang onto one Windows laptop to keep the corp IT guys happy… (They pretend to secure it, and I pretend to use it. Still, there’s no way the kids get to mess with a work machine).

So how about it? Accessible/works on Linux? 150 bones is 1/2 a year’s access to Pluralsight’s huge training library, so I ain’t payin’ if it don’t work.

A Blog Review from WordPress

CAUTION: “Includes 12 Month Access to Everything You Need”

This is limited! I was about to buy it when I saw this on their website:

You are only buying access to the training for a limited time. If this was just 12 months of support or assistance I could totally understand, but it will cut off your access to the training material after 12 months. Not cool, guys…not cool.


Looks like 2 licenses are recommended.

Here’s the answer from the rep last time we sold this.

Be sure to check out the thread that ROGETRAY linked above. He answered lots of questions and gave great info.

We have Minecraft on the Xbox and each of our kids have a chromebook.
There are also a couple of working, but older laptops in the house.(Nobody touches them anymore - slooowww)

What dp I need for computer requirements for this to work? Can they do this on the Xbox?


Yes, and none of them are an Amazon verified purchase. Red flag for me.

conan found the first impressions review from GeekMom, but they also did a final review. They did get it for free, so their very positive review should be taken with the appropriate amount of Vine review salt.

I love this idea, but am still concerned about Linux compatibility and the whole limited-time materials access thing.

Dude- I love Linux, but you can’t get away with pretending that windows and mac don’t exist especially when they have so much market share and they are in so many schools. Knowledge is power- know your enemy.

Then read the reviews from wooters from when we sold it last time.

Thanks for the kind words, Conan!

-Ryan @ Youth Digital