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Youth Digital Learn Java with Minecraft
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So you get this… then head over to Kids.Woot to get the playset to bring it all to life!

Got this last time. My nine year old LOVES it. Happy with the purchase even though it’s kind of steep.

Nice comment. Getting it too, it beats sending them to classes.

My 10 year old is plugging away at it. The tech support is great, he emails a question and they timely get back to him with encouraging and easy to understand answers. For 150 bucks for a kid to get a jump on computer programming with a game he loves? Can’t beat it.

Review from Geek Mom

My 8 year old loves it. Smash hit.

Got this for my son (9) for Christmas but we only this week installed it. Actually, that’s not correct. I watched as he did it. The first “lesson” was on how to download and install, what was happening (describing the various parts of the install), and made him learn some keyboard commands—and then warned him that future videos were directed at Windows users so it taught him how to “translate” the commands for Mac. All basic stuff but new to him, so: yes, this is good for beginners. I didn’t see much that would frustrate him if I hadn’t been there*. Then by the end of the second lesson he’d downloaded GIMP and worked up his own sword. He’ll insert it into the game, and learn how to modify it all to make sure it will work with the latest Minecraft version.

I’m very happy with this program.

*The actual instructions to activate the Code that was in the box were a little bit wrong; he showed me and I hesitated because I didn’t want to make a $150 mistake but we eventually forged ahead and it worked out.

Does this include everything you need to start? You know, JDK and JRE? (I don’t know much on this topic)

Ya never can get too much edumakatin’

Always fun to wake up to nice words from Wootsters.

Now I’m going to drink my coffee. Do not disrupt me while I’m drinking my coffee.

Just kidding (kind of). We’re here all day! Let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Wooting.

-Ryan @ Youth Digital

Isn’t this the product that expires in a year? I did not see that mentioned in the description.

Anything and everything! Once you download the software you’ll get everything that you need.

-Ryan @ Youth Digital

Or there is this, which is $30. It uses a programming language / environment that was specifically designed for teaching programming concepts to young people. It is also a MineCraft mod based set of lessons.

Speaking as a computer scientist that has written some Java code that I am rather proud of (and as the spouse of a Professor of Mathematics Education), I think Java is a bad language to start a young kid off with. There are very good reasons for the development of Blockly. It is wonderful for teaching kids how to program. They even use it for non-major CS courses at UC Berkeley. Get your kids to try Hour of Code. It uses Blockly, is free, and it is awesome. There is also a set of lessons that are based on Frozen.

Java has its place in the world. There are reasons why Java is, at the same time, one of the most heavily used and most vilified languages on earth. There are better ways to introduce kids to programming than with Java. If your kids already are into programming a bit then fine, let them go at it with Java.

I’ve thought about getting this, but from last time I understood there is a time limit on the vouchers which turns me off a bit. I’d like to do this as an easy way to motivate myself to learn java, but I’d also like it around for my son to use when he gets a bit older. How much of the content can you use past the time expiration?

As a software engineer of an obscene number of years and having programmed in multitudes of languages, platforms, tools, etc I have to ask…are you associated with this Blockly software? :slight_smile:

I totally agree with the above. While the personal rush that one feels when they type Hello World for the first time is indeed nice, it does not demonstrate genius any more than a person who takes piano lessons for a year and can play a song is miraculous.

There are countless sites with free or very low cost ($30. as above) programming courses online that are professionally put together and put out there for the taking. Paying this kind of price for a subscription that boots you after a year is odd.

In addition, you cannot SHARE this product. If you have multiple kids or you as a parent want to play around with it, it is not designed for that. So then you can pay three or four times for limited time access to the same material.

Hey beebles, you’ll have access to the course videos and online support for 1 full year. After that, you’ll keep all of the software so you can take the skills you learned in the course and continue to apply them making awesome mods!