Youth H2O Youth Berry, 1 Month Supply

**Item: **Youth H2O Youth Berry, 1 Month Supply
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
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6/24/2013 - $14.99 (Woot Plus)

A handful of solid reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

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2 OUNCES of water x 15 bottles means you pay $20 for less than 1 quart of this “YOUTHBERRY”. 1 ounce per day so a 30 day supply is only 30 OUNCES! Amazons price for a 30 ounce bottle is $21.10.

Not even one verified buyer among those “reviews”. Also, this product is sweetened with Stevia a sugar substitute with 300 times the sweetness of sugar.

There is one reviewer that is a “Vine Voice” reviewer. The Vine Voice seems like a trusted badge.

This customer is a member of Amazon Vine™ Voice, an invitation only program that gives Amazon reviewers advance access to not-yet-released products for the purpose of writing reviews. A review written as part of the Vine™ Voice program always includes this label: “Amazon Vine™ Review” on the initial product detail page and “Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program” when viewing the entire review. This is a permanent badge. "

Here is that review, lowest rating of any there and if you read it you have to question why he gave it 3 stars.

but if this is a “berry flavor” I sure don’t want a pie made out of it. Imagine a very, VERY sour, slightly bitter unripe grape or gooseberry and you’ll be CLOSE. It’s not bad but you’ll need a chaser to get the flavor off your tongue (unless you enjoy eating unripe grapes or gooseberries). The active ingredients are Camu Camu and Organic Maca. After looking both of these fruits up on WebMD, no interactions or side effects are mentioned. Possibly the only side effect you’ll have is an involuntary shudder after you swallow the mixture. Also…DON’T SIP! This just prolongs the agony and will likely give you the lockjaw. Bolt those puppies down and have some water or hot tea on standby to get the taste out of your mouth. Speaking of puppies, this stuff made me wish I was a dog so I could lick something to get the taste out of my mouth quicker than what the water or tea could do.

Vine Reviewers get a box of 15 two ounce bottles. This is, apparently, to allow you to share the joy with distant relatives you can’t stand, friends you wish to get away from and immediate family members who have ticked you smooth off for the last time. Unless you’re a masochist on a dietary supplement kick, I can’t give a solid recommendation of this to ANYONE. At least not to perfect strangers who have never done ME any harm. The only reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because of the vitamins in it which may be of some benefit.

Yeah, due to lack of legit reviews and barely discounted price I’m going to pass.

Well I’m fat and old, so I’m giving it a try…I’ll let you all know if I grow an extra head or something!

Will you post pictures if you do? Please?

A random review from a random search, but perhaps she should be one’s “go to gal” when one needs to buy a 42" Vizio LED TV as well:

All these wonderful organic ingredients - packed in plastic to insure your daily dose of BPA.

Me too ! Can’t hurt and I need some energy too lol

I got some off woot, delivered yesterday. While I haven’t felt the energy effects yet, it certainly tasted good for me.

Does this mean it defies one’s own age? If so, what happens if you give it to a toddler? If not, does it make it easier to defy old people? If so, I’m in for three and I’m gonna walk on so many lawns.

I also cannot speak to any benefits since I am on day two, but I can say it tastes kind of like what I would assume berry flavored sewage would taste like. Apparently, my taste buds don’t function like some of the other people on here.

Always be wary of superfood/superfruit products. I have yet to see one that wasn’t packed with claims “not verified by [X]” or that they don’t bother to point to any evidence to back up. They claim things like heavy antioxidant numbers, and yet when you do the research you find a simple apple has more antioxidants in it (ignoring the fact that the verdict’s pretty much in on antioxidants: not actually good for us, after all). Most of what they claim to provide is already covered in even the most typical unhealthy daily diets, but at a premium cost.

You’re far better off just making more effort to replace some of your daily sodas with juice and eating more veggies. It’ll cost you less and has proven benefits.

Saw youthH2O as the top product at Vitamin Shoppe. Id think Vitamin Shoppe consumers know more about supplements than people who are worried about the flavors of supplements versus benefits. Why do people want their supplements to taste like candy LOL. If a supplement works but doesn’t taste good, we should stay away LOL. Now I think we all know why we have a health crisis in the country