Youth Zombie Kit

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Youth Zombie Kit
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Time to check out the product page for the air rifle


I love that it has safety glasses… because in a Zombie Apocalypse, the last thing you want is a BB to the eye.

Well, yeah. The last thing you want at the end of the world is to NOT be able to see what wants to eat you.

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Eye protection is important whether its saving your peepers from a ricochet plastic pellet or hot brass. Unless its nerf, you should probably wear eye protection.

Well, it’s no wonder that we don’t see many kids on the Walking Dead! First off, many of them can’t reach up high enough to stick a sharp, pointy object through the brains of the undead, to “kill” them again. Then you hand them a backpack, safety goggles and a BB GUN?? Man, they’re just toast, after that!

Of course, if we could get them to run AWAY from us, they might make a good distraction!

So the description says “gravity fed see through hopper”. I’m pretty sure from the pictures this is inaccurate.

  1. It’s a mag on the bottom of the gun so it doesn’t appear to be gravity fed?

  2. It appears to be solid black and non-transparent from all the pictures.

I don’t think this description goes with this gun from what I can tell? --CK

TheCK, maybe they took a picture of the gun upside down, and maybe the glasses actually have x-ray lenses? That’d be worth dropping some coin on!

Seems like a good deal, got one for each of my kiddos for Christmas.

From the description I got that the “scope” is the hopper. It doesn’t say transparent, it says see-through. So you fill it with BBs (or Airsoft pellets, I can’t even tell what this piece of junk uses) and there’s a tube running lengthwise that lets you see through it and pretend you’re looking through a scope.

There’s a point where this whole ‘zombie’ thing has gone too far, and we’ve clearly passed it.

Zombies have too many reasons NOT to exist but this does look like a fun toy. Why not ship to South Florida? In fact JUST not to a few counties in Florida?

Be careful with this if you are in NJ (and probably in NY??). By NJ law BB is a firearm - you can get 3yr mandatory time for not following firearm laws.

Looks like an incredible piece of a steaming turd. Seriously, how long will that piece of garbage last?