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YouthDigital Learn to Code w/ Minecraft?
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Discussion/Comments from a previous offer

Woot! continues to be vague in the description of this product.

You are buying a one year subscription to a web-based course for a single individual. The only mention of a “year” in the description is about tech support, which can be interpreted as you having access to everything but are on your own after a year. That is not the case with this product.

With all the well put together resources available online, this type of business model seems silly to me but if it’s something you’re interested in, by all means go for it but understand what you are (and are not) getting.

I have no experience with these other options (please share the ones you recommend), but this one is entertaining and engaging for my son, and I rarely have to intervene. He now knows his way around GIMP pretty well and I didn’t have to download that for him; the YouthDigital walked him through even that. It’s really holding his hand as it leads him deeper into the concepts. Would buy again.

Hey ScottfromWyoming,

Thanks for your kind words. Glad you have enjoyed the course! And so glad to hear your son is coding and designing. That’s incredible stuff!

-Ryan @ Youth Digital

Welcome back. Always happy to see you in the threads!


-Ryan @ Youth Digital

So if I buy this as a Christmas present, the 12 months doesn’t start until the code is REDEEMED, right?

UPDATE: Ok, after looking at the other referenced threads, I think I’ve answered my own question. The code is in the box, so yeah, it just sits there until it’s redeemed and THEN the 12 months starts.

Hi Elyriel,

That’s exactly right. The 12 month’s access won’t start until you redeem the course, and the actual activation code does not expire, so you’re all set! Enjoy, and Merry early Christmas!

-Ryan @ Youth Digital

Ha. Beat me to it. :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply!

Can I have it delivered electronicaly? Just the code thats in the box so I dont have to pay international shipping

What is the renewal costs after the first year?

Hi gbascou,

Unfortunately no digital delivery today. Sorry about that!

-Ryan @ Youth Digital

Hi jkirkc,

We find that 1 year is plenty of time for our kids to finish our courses. That being said, if you finish the 1 year and still want more time we offer the best available discount for repurchase.

Also remember - after the 1 year you’ll still have access to all of the software and all of your files, so you can continue creating for as long as you want!

thank you

Does the woot purchase still come with the 30-day money back guarantee, or is that just when purchasing directly?

I’ve tried encouraging my kids to learn about programming through oracle’s young developer resources like scratch etc. They didn’t show as much interest and enthusiasm as I’d hoped.

I purchased this for my son through a previous woot deal. He is 12 and he loves it. When I asked him what he’s learned, I was surprised to hear him say things like “I learned how to instantiate, call methods and edit graphics in gimp.”

He’s opened a few support requests and they are very reasonable in response times. He solved a few on his own before they responded and where he needed help, their thorough (seemingly scripted) initial responses are all that is needed. Support responses were always very courteous and positive.

He made one change that caused minecraft to crash and he could not remember what he changed. He told me he was going to have to start over and I thought, wow this will probably take him a while. I was surprised again when he had his version of the mod back up and running within the afternoon and it included all his modded items to that point.

For me it’s worth the money to see him learning fundamental programming skills and having such a good time doing it. He’s obtained such a sense of accomplishment while working through the course. I’d highly recommend this for kids interested in programming.

Hi bmdprincess,

The 30-day money back guarantee is only on courses purchased through Thank you!

-Ryan @ Youth Digital

Hi nehpets2k,

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! That’s what we’re here for, and so glad we could provide the spark to get your son going! Sounds like he’s got an awesome mod on his hands, we’re really proud of him (I’m sure you are too!).

Thanks again, that means a lot to us.

-Ryan @ Youth Digital