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YouthDigital Learn to Code w/ Minecraft?
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3/31/2015 - $149.99 - Click To See Discussion (22 comments)

Question…why have this product on today, when there is a competitive product for 1/5th the price over on the side deals site? Of course they aren’t the same product, but the average person will go for the cheaper choice.

The average person that wants to teach their kids real programming will go with today’s youth digital that actually teaches you java and working with Gimp and doing real code-see below

The $25 by Thoughtstem teaches its own “programming” system. It’s fine for like a 6 year old though, but you can’t compare it to what you are learning with the Youthdigital software.

Actually, the ThoughtStem’s LearnToMod teaches in both Blocky and JavaScript.

Not having used either, YouthDigital’s seems to have a more entertaining media presentation to their instruction - which is what I’d consider the biggest difference. Both look very credible from the standpoint of the content they’re trying to teach. But the bottom line is, if it’s not fun and entertaining, then your kid is probably not going to learn to code through a online course that requires your child to be self-motivated to sit through all the content.

I say go for it! Bought this for my 12 year old son when they were sold Mar 31, 2015 here on Woot. I didn’t push him to quickly finish the program but just sat back let him decide when he wanted to do it. It is worth it in my opinion for what you get $149 + $15tax (TN) + $5 Ship (Box with digital download voucher code No disk) = $176. He did start loosing interest 3/4 of the way thru. But started working with it again a couple of weeks ago after I told him I would buy him another program on web design or programming “something constructive for pc” so he just finished and proud. He only had a couple of issues and of course they were on the weekend. And you may get a letter like this…
Justin Richards (Youth Digital) Hi ****, We want to let you know that on Sunday our support team is home with their families. We will be back in action Monday morning and will get back to you on the comment below as soon as we can! Thanks! Youth Digital Support Team

And here is my sons comment he sent to “Youth Digital”

Thanks for teaching me all this wonderful knowledge!
Be sure to tell me if i am missing anything, or if there are any bugs i haven’t come across please be sure to tell me as soon as possible!
My favorite part of my mod would have to be the Sugar Lumps, because the can give you a boost of speed for around 2 seconds with a “cheap” recipe
ps. be sure to rate at your on preference!

The Youthdigital is entertaining and both my 8 and 9 year old enjoyed it and learned from it. My 9 year old also completed the 3D animation class that teaches them to use blender. The classes teach many other things while they teach their main objectives from understanding the different file systems, and knowing what the different extensions are, compressing and decompressing ZIP and other archives, rendering, packaging and exporting into different formats to keyboard shortcuts I wasn’t aware of. This is well worth the price today. I think that today’s price is what it should cost, the $250 price is out of line. They give you great support also and the turnaround on questions is quick. You take tests and they evaluate your project in the end. You get points based on your tests and project, and this allows you to buy some enhancements from their store. Youthdigital is great stuff. $150 should be the price, wait for offers to purchase at this price- the retail of $250 is ridiculous.

People will go out and spend $500 on an xbox and like $50-$100 thereafter for each game. But they hesitate on dropping that kind of $$ when it comes to educating their kids with a product like this. I don’t get it. That’s why we are intellectual couch potatoes.

I just found this deal by youthdigital also. My son wanted to do this one next since he already completed the Minecraft Java and the 3D animation. This is on sale now through groupon for $149

12 Months of Online Access to 3D Video Game Design 1, 3D Game Design 2, or Both from Youth Digital (Up to 50% Off)

I am older than 14, but this still sounds appealing :slight_smile:

I’m 51, and I would definitely do this if I had the spare time and understood Minecraft better. It’s fun to watch, and really it can cater to any age because you have the possibilities to make the mods as complicated as you want- it can challenge anyone.