YouthDigital Mod Design 1: Learn Java with Minecraft

Does anyone know how long you can wait to redeem the voucher. I’m considering this for a Christmas gift and would hope the support period doesn’t start till redeemed as opposed to date of purchase.

Just checked with the buyer. There’s no expiration date.

Hey peburgess, I’m Ryan from Youth Digital. Access to the course + support last for a full year from the time you redeem the code, not from when you purchase it. So you’ve got nothing to worry about!

I know a six year old that is way into watching minecraft mod videos on youtube. I wonder if I should get this and help him through it. He’s very bright and I’m sure he could handle it if had enough interest. The interest is the part I’m not sure about yet.

Why the shipping fee? I just ordered this for my son and I paid $5.00 for shipping. My understanding is that this is an online course… Shouldn’t I just receive an email with my voucher for the youth design site? On the vendor site it says that once you pay, you receive login instructions to your email. I’m confused.

Just purchased, but no email of voucher. I’m wondering if they do something silly like physically mail you the voucher.

Hey all. You’re receiving the box as shown on the sale page. It contains the physical voucher and a few other goods like a poster.

Hey Shortman, thanks for asking. I’m Ryan from Youth Digital. We recommend this course for kids 8-14, but we’ve had some as young as 5 complete it. The biggest reason we recommend for 8+ is because of the required computer skills (typing, ability to understand keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+C, etc.). We actually taught a Mod Design 1 summer camp this year to a group of 5 year olds and the biggest issue was that their tiny hands couldn’t properly use the mouse. But by the end of the week they were programming in Java. WHAT!?!?

If you’re confident that this 6 year old has strong computer skills, then this course is for you. The kids who enjoy our courses most + get the most out of them are the ones who spend countless hours playing Minecraft and watching Youtube videos about Minecraft Mods.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any more questions!

-Ryan @ Youth Digital

It is completely possible, as Ryan put it. Not trying to toot my horn but, learned how to use Flash / CGI / HTML back in 7th grade… and I’m 31 now. They can grasp it (Taught myself at that age)

This is my son exactly. Me not so much. Does this require much from parents?
I have two kids. If I get this for one and the other decides he wants it too, can this course be used by other members of the household?

Thanks for your note, Hmmmmm. <–Haha, that sounds funny.

We created these courses so that parents can be as hands-on or oh-my-goodness-i-have-no-clue-what-coding-is as they want. Your kids will have access to support squad of online teachers so that when they come knocking with a question about coding, design, Minecraft, or any of the other fun stuff they’ll ask about, we’ll have somebody on the other end to guide them through it. Our online teachers aren’t there to give answers, but instead help teach and coach kids to reach success on their own (teach a man to fish, ya know?).

As for multiple kids using the same course, it’s kind of tricky. We sell these courses for the individual student because the experience is customized for that student. As kids progress through the course, they take quizzes, earn badges + points, redeem those points for bonus material, etc. Losing out on that experience takes away big-time from the child who would take the course second, which is why we recommend one course per kid.

Hope that helps!

Ryan @ Youth Digital

You get sent a box with a slip of paper in it, good old wasteful style. I just went to there website under the sales section and paid a bit more to get an email key.

Some people want a box for gifting.

Could be, but the idea of the money wasted on the box for a slip of paper is just insane at times. You got to pay to print all this, you got to pay to store it, you pay to ship it. Couldn’t you just print out the email and slip it in a card or stocking?

Hey riffydivine, I’m Ryan @ Youth Digital. You’ve got to see the look on a kid’s face when he or she tears into a wrapped box and finds a Minecraft Modding course. Then opens up the box and finds a Minecraft poster + a set of character stickers.

I hear your point on the packaging, but when kid smiles are at risk WE USE ALL MEANS NECESSARY.

In all seriousness, thanks for buying and hope you love the course!

-Ryan @ YD

No worries just a general rant I have anymore when I order something that comes in a box inside a box inside the box it was shipped in for something the size of my finger.

I am wondering if this will teach more about general minecraft modding. After pulling both IC2 Buildcraft and a few others to see how they work it was a mess of biblical bad coding.

Hey riffydivine, I think the reason we’ve had so much success is because we’ve found a way to take a really AWESOME skill (Minecraft modding) and couple it with a really AWESOME teaching method. The overarching goal of the course is to teach kids how to program in a real coding language; basing the teaching around modding Minecraft is the way that it makes the material fun, engaging, and keeps kids sitting at the computer until the weeeeeee hours of the night.

The other cool part of the course is that it’s self-paced and kids can dive as deep in as they want. Some kids enjoy making blocks, armor, and swords. Others go crazy and make enderdragons! We’ll give them the tools, then they go and run with it.

-Ryan @ Youth Digital

In for 2. Got 10 and 6 yo boys who live and breathe Minecraft (they even manage to play “Minecraft” at school during recess outside - modern cowboys & indians?)

And if I sneak in and repeat their completed lessons while they’re in bed, they’ll never know…

Haha, tyrsa. I think you’ll like the course as well! I constantly sit here and laugh hysterically at the videos.

I can’t figure out if that’s because they’re funny or because I have the personality of an 8 year old (probably a nice combo of both).

Anyway, thanks for buying and enjoy!

-Ryan @ Youth Digital