Yukon Elf-1 Generation 1 Night Vision Monocular

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New Yukon Elf-1 Generation 1 Night Vision Monocular, for $79.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Yukon 15003 Elf-1 Generation 1 Night Vision Monocular

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Generation 1? Practically useless! This is Vietnam-era tech, and needs bright moonlight to see anything at night. Generation 2 has 20 times the light amplification of Gen 1 and much better resolution, and Generation 3 has 30-50 times the light amplification of Gen 1, and better resolution and longer life than Gens 1 & 2.

Anyone know how well it actually works?

Yukon monoculars get some decent review scores on Alatest…

Isn’t Generation 1 kind of like taking a cell phone camera with an IR record feature and greening it up a bit?

Edit: “Introduced during the Vietnam War”

Yeah, i think that pretty much says it all.

1x Zoom…LOLZ

Looks like the sort of pseudo-tech gear that would appeal to children and tweens, if $85 is in the general birthday present dollar range. At least it’s “real” night vision gear, and not the binoculars-with-a-flashlight deal we’ve seen before. Sure, you can get 4th generation stuff for $7k ( http://www.opticsplanet.net/atn-6015-4-night-vision-monocular.html ), but even first generation stuff seems to be generally over $100 ( http://www.opticsplanet.net/nightvision-mono.html ).

Is this a JOKE? Didn’t Hasbro offer a night-vision childrens toy last Christmas with better specs than this? Where’d Woot get their stock; former military 1970’s stockpiles in places like defunct Letterkenny PA ?

Does anybody know if ‘starlight’ night vision is outlawed or something? 20 years ago at gun shows I could get 30,000x light amplification starlight scopes or IR night vision scopes. Now all I see is IR night vision with GEN designations. Can’t find anything on google that helps and none for sale anywhere.

What’s up?

Seriously, I have a pair of eyes. Can someone explain why would they only make one eye night vision binoculars? Even monkey see monkey do use both eyes. Duh!

might have something to do with cost.

and size.

and battery life.

Here is a site to show you sample, Differences in Night Vision Generations


Amazon reviews
ELF-1 info at OpticsPlanet - Resolution (typical): lp/mm 25 (lp/mm = line pairs per millimeter)
OpticsPlanet nightvision buyer’s guide

Woot, you owe me a keyboard! One line into that description and it was covered in Alabama Slammer. Love you guys.


This would be better if the product image was Jimmy Stuart using it in a alfred hitchcock movie to spy on a neighbor who turned out to be a murderer…

I’ve an old Russian gen-1 scope. 10,000 times light amplification, ir emitter for seeing in pitch black.

Hands down the best thing to use it for is stargazing. The number of stars you can see with one of these things even in a brightly-lit urban area is outstanding.

Perfect post!

It is because when using night vision with both eyes makes it real hard to see after a while. With only one eye, you don’t get the burn-in effect with both eyes, thereby being able to actually see to get away when the husband catches you looking in the window at his wife while she sleeps.

Seriously though, after a while, your eyes start to hurt and you can’t see clearly in the dark. Snipers take turns/breaks when using night scopes to prevent that.

The military has some of the best stuff on earth. Go down to your local recruiters office and you can get a set of really good night vision goggles for FREE.

Of course the fine print for their offer might get you killed in a foreign country. But hey, it is still Free. :wink: