Yukon Explorer Side Packs (3 Colors)

I thought we were getting bags we could substitute for worn out fanny packs. The main compartment would hold two fully filled fanny packs, strap and all. You would need at least another fanny pack worth of items to fill the twenty-milliony other pockets.

How does this compare to the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack?

I’ve been looking at this bag for what seems like over a year, I guess waiting for the price to come down, which it hasn’t. Suffice it to say the bag is worth every penny,so it was pretty stupid of me to wait, I could have been enjoying the thing all this time!

It’s everything Yukon says it is, so believe their video. Very good quality, very well built bag. Can’t wait to start using it, will probably come back after a little while and give it another review.