Yukon Explorer Side Packs (4 Colors)

These dirty companies label these as hiking bags so that they don’t have to pay the natural resources taxes . If they named them hunting or fishing vests which is what they really are they would have to pay the Johnson and dingell taxes on them which fund you know…Paying to keep state and federal land , conservation officers , and rehabilitation of animals and habitat.

It’s actually a disgusting way to save 20 cents

Or they could be wanting to reach a more mainstream audience.

“The main compartment includes a soft lined sleeve for a standard size iPad and other tablets.”

I bought this same bag some time back and it actually comes with a nylon strap used to holster a pistol in the large zippered compartment - So I’d generally agree.

That being said, I bought mine as a diaper bag and it’s perfectly sized for that use. I couldn’t be happier.

So, what your saying is, Yukon is mislabeling this man-purse so they can avoid paying 20 cents to Iowa? I see this thing as a man-purse, not a vest. Did I miss understand your post or are you calling out Yukon outfitters?

I agree with the man purse sentiment. These bags , and others by this company,aren’t really for the outdoors.They are more tactical looking gimmicks geared towards the urban landscape iPad carrying dweller. Other than woot I have never heard of or seen these bags in the field. I work in natural resources enforcement in the mountains of Colorado and have large exposure to gear

I live in the Denver metro area and have been looking for a “man bag” to carry while participating in urban exploration. Something that will hold my wallet, keys, maybe a camera or cell phone and a few other things instead of relying on nonexistent pockets in shorts, jeans, whatever.

Does anyone have an actual review of this bag? Is it built sturdy? How’s the stitching? Does it melt when it gets wet or leave you with uncomfortable shoulders at the end of the day?

I purchased one of the bug out bags about a year ago and i think it works great for travel. Based on that one bag I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality of their product.
Looking at getting one of these to carry around my dslr and a surface. Liking the waterproof bag in case of rain. Anybody have any experience with this bag and if using it as a camera bag is a viable application?

I’ve owned this bag for over a year now. I use it as a camera bag for my DSLR. The main compartment with the draw chord is perfect for storing a camera and keeping dust out. There are plenty of compartments for storing smaller items, but the zip chords did unravel and fall out typical with YO bags.

There is 1 shoulder strap which if you are carrying significant weight in the bag one may agitate their shoulder, though the waste strap tries to alleviate the weight but you still feel it on that shoulder.

The stitching so far seems to uphold which is uncommon for YO bags. I’ve worn it through the thunderstorms and heat of Louisiana, to the dry cold temps of the Bay Area, and a heat advisory in Las Vegas. The bag holds up very well in such conditions, but I don’t use it daily.

Hunters open carry. If you’re walking around with rifles, there’s no point in concealing a pistol.

Concealed carry is for urban carry.

That said, this style of bag is great for urban hiking and day trips. Anything more in the outdoors, and I’d want an actual backpack.

The blank white square to the left of your name means you have never bought from woot before. As for urban hiking I think you mean walking?

How much extra room is there with your DSLR. room for extra lenses?

I bought one of these a while back. I’ve used it on quite a few hikes, when I don’t need to take more than a bottle of water and carry a few things for my dog.

A 40oz Kleen Kanteen or a 32oz Nalgene/Hydroflask fit great in the bottle holder.

The stitching seems pretty decent. The knots on the zipper pulls sucked, which isn’t a big deal. I replaced them with cord I had, since they were also pretty short.

I’ve gotten it wet, and it held up fine. It didn’t stain, and the lining on the inside didn’t seem affected.

The pad on the strap is good enough for what this holds. I wouldn’t want to carry more than 10lbs in it, though.

If it ends up dying, I will replace it with a Maxpedition, since I would like one that goes over my right shoulder instead of my left. I looked at one, and it seems better as can be expected by the price. With that, I’m not in a rush to replace this until it isn’t usable.

I have owned this bag for over a year and find it works great for day hikes. The inside compartment of mine is lined with water proof material and I have used it in the rain without any problems. The waist strap helps relieve some of the annoyance of a side pack, especially when trekking up hills. I like it because of the convenience. I don’t have to take it off to get my rain gear, water bottle, phone/camera, etc. and it’s also easy to sit down because you can just pull it around on to your lap. This is also a great price.

@msujp, that sounds like a bullshit tax. If I were even aware of it and had an easy way to avoid it as a manufacturer, I would. Spoken by someone who is embarrassed the Dingells came from our state. They, like their colleagues, never saw a hidden or otherwise tax/fee/regulation they didn’t like. (Unless it impacted the Auto industry.)

Nothing stopping you from sending in your 20 cents if you’re going fishing… Oh wait, there’s already a fishing license fee (and a hunting tag fee) for that. So overpay it by 20 cents.

A couple thoughts -

  • I like this bag design but personally would not conceal carry in separate baggage. That weapon is staying on my body.

  • We have some Yukon bags and like them, but their build quality is not top teir. You get what you pay for. For my money $30 delivered is still about 5 bucks too high for this bag.

@nctom, cool that you like it but they were very careful not to claim waterproofness in their promo video. They simply said dust control.

Does this bag come with the universal gun holster as shown in the video?

Does the bag come with the universal holster strap as shown in the video? I purchased one of these at least two years ago and did not get the strap. Disappointed to now find out that it is suppose to come with that strap.

Mine did, as advertised. Write Yukon about it and they might send one to you. They seem to be pretty good about that.