Yukon Hammock Rainfly

I bought one of these a few months back and have set it up a couple of times. The tarp is great and provides sufficient coverage for my ENO double nest hammock. My only complaint is that the ropes it comes with are weak and fray easily. I am replacing them with much more versatile and durable para-cord.

I picked one up last month. Have not been able to actually camp with it but did set it up a few times in the yard.

I love the way it covers my Hennessy much better than the stock rain fly. Have not experienced the lines fraying but if it does happen tie down line is cheap enough.

If you want a large fly do not hesitate to pick one up. I may purchase another for my wife’s hammock.

I purchased one last year. It was destroyed during a wind storm in the BWCA. Luckily I was only using it as a gear fly and not as a hammock fly. The 4 tie down points is the downfall. For my hammock (which is a Yukon) I use a ENO Pro Fly with 6 tie down points. This fly also ripped slightly during the same storm but not much.

@ Bobsh,

That sounds like quite the storm. Hope you were able to catch some Zzz’s and stayed dry. Please remember we have a 1 year Yukon Outfitters warranty if tearing was due to manufacturer flaw. Reach out to us on customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com and we’ll help send you a replacement to battle those storms again!