Yukon Outfitters 58-Piece Survival Kit

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Yukon Outfitters 58-Piece Survival Kit
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Dec 24 to Thursday, Dec 25) + transit
Condition: New


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Insanely good deal, bought a hammock from them and it’s been great. The included Hammock alone is $70.

No food at all? Or am I missing something

I guess the food is in the plus sale.

Comments/Discussion on the Yukon Tactical Alpha Backpack from September’s Sale

What is in this that you can’t ship it to New York? The sharpened pencil?

Likely the knife. It is New York.

I think the hydration pack holds more than 16oz…

It’s probably due to the folding knife.

I got the same hammock for $20. Listed Retail may be $70, but I have never seen it for that much.

FYI: I like it so far.

I have to leave this state

I bought the Yukon Tactical Alpha backpack in October, and it’s already falling apart. The stitching that holds the shoulder strap mesh and canvas parts together is fraying and separating. Not the quality I expected for the price I paid.

Update: Wow! Yukon Outfitters is shipping me a brand new bag. I’m definitely impressed by their customer service!

I bought the backpack last time around for $50 and love it. I use it to lug around a BUNCH of musical cables and gear - saves the back - and it’s perfect. Thick material, rugged, gets used a lot.

I still think you can assemble a better survival kit with exactly the stuff you think you need but this is probably a “good” deal considering the backpack, hammock and some of the other items included.

Just exactly what color is “foilage”? (foliage)

Okay price. Can’t say much for the “survival” gear. As mentioned, you’d be better off spending a few more dollars and putting together your own gear. I’m betting the items included are cheap. Don’t know if you should be buying cheap survival gear. Better off putting together items such as matches, tea light, survival blanket/bag, head lamp, band aides, ankle wrap, etc. Water purifier might also be a good idea (mini sawyer).

With the pack from Woot you are carrier a lot of unneeded weight.

“Better gear than good sense
A man cannot carry.”

That’s from the Havamal, and the point is that there’s no such thing as “survival gear” if you don’t know how to use it. I see a hammock and rainfly, a flashlight, a hydration bladder, a folding knife, a length of p-cord, a first aid kit (most of your “pieces” come from there), and a pack to put it all in. No sleeping bag or other shelter. No means of starting a fire. No saw or other tools to cut down anything bigger than a twig. Nothing to purify water. And, yeah, no food, which I’d expect, but a lot of people will read the first part of the description and say, “Hot puppies, everything I need for the zombie apocalypse AND IT’S ONLY $99.99!”

Is it a good deal? Maybe. Depends on the quality of the items, but more than that, depends on whether those are the items you’d need to survive your emergency of choice. I’m not a fan of these “kits” because people buy 'em, chuck 'em in the trunk, figure they’re all set and don’t learn any survival skills. I think you’d be better off learning the skills and assembling your own kit, appropriate to your needs and situation.

Much like the last time this was offered, this is $100.00 for about $40 worth of crap off of eBay. As many have mentioned, no food, no blanket, etc. A “grab and go” bag should have water included in it, not just a an empty bladder. In an emergency, the water is likely one of the first things that will no longer work.

Go build your own that matches your specific needs and you’ll sane money and have quality gear.

Do you really want to risk your life on some generic junk put together by woot?