Yukon Outfitters 58-Piece Survival Kit



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Yukon Outfitters 58-Piece Survival Kit
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Oct 12 to Tuesday, Oct 13) + transit
Condition: New


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regarding the ‘comical’ write up:
when you move water here or there you “haul” it, not “hall” it.


And dang it! Spellcheck won’t catch that. I’ll let them know.


Comments/Discussion from a Dec. 2014 sale


A hammock? Is that for those of us to choose to embrace the End Times in comfort?


I bought one of these when it was up on sport woot previously. Bag seems solid, and is a great starter for a bug out kit. I added some water purifiers, a small pot to boil water/cook, some Israeli wraps, some quikclot, chest plugs, a multi tool, a few lighters (redundancy with fire starting is never a bad thing), a small assortment of standard pills (Tylenol, ibuprofen, antihistamines, Imodium, etc), zip ties, chem lights, a couple emergency sleeping bags, a couple extra Mylar blankets, a pack of 72 hour high calorie emergency rations, and finished it off by tying a fire retardant wool blanket wrapped in a camo tarp to the bottom (no bottom molle, you have to get a little creative).

Everything fit with some room to spare, and the bag seems to be handling the load with minimal issue. My only complaint is no bottom molle, so if you want to tie off a bed roll or add a butt pouch, you have to get creative with some 550 or bank line. Otherwise, I can’t endorse this kit enough. It really is a great starting point.


OF COURSE this pops up moments after I finish watching ‘The Impossible’. Of course.


Got this the last time it was up. Best purchase ever. Am sleeping in the hammock right now, and have been for the past two weeks. All I had to add were straps to hang it with (i.e. 50 feet of 3/4" webbing cut in half and tied in water knots at regular intervals–I suppose one could suspend a hammock with the provided paracord, though that seems likely to damage the trees). The pack is wonderful in terms of the sheer number of features, though I would not recommend taking it on a real backpacking trip since it has no hip belt. I carried home a load of groceries in it and it left me a bit sore. It would be great to pack in for a short trip by airplane, though. I also love the LED lantern, which I have been keeping in one of the pockets on the mosquito net. Some of the stuff in the first aid kit feels a bit useless and not first aid related at all, but at least nothing important is missing. Some things I can’t even guess what they are for at all.

Anyway, yeah, best purchase ever.


I’m seeing a total of 8 items, unless every individual piece of the medical kit is being counted as a separate item.
I own the alpha backpack in olive green, as well as the zippered duffle from this company, both are amazingly durable and well worth the $30-$40 I paid for each of them. I wouldn’t trust the contents of a random medical kit as far as I could throw them, but the equipment (bag, hammock etc) are likely just as sturdy.


I bought this last time it was on sale. Everything is good except the knife. It won’t lock open. But i’ve been happy with everything else.


It has no belt, it’s a shoulder bag masquerading as a backpack.

Seriously though, it’s definitely good for general outdoor use, sport bag, or travel but it’s only good for short walks, camping near the car or very low weight like day hikes. If it had a belt I could easily use it for weekend summer hikes. Good price though, it is good to have a bag of emergency gear to grab for any outdoor adventure.


Even at the prices that you can find all of these pieces on Woot!, the cost of the kit makes the lantern, knife, and first aid kit a freebie. The first aid kit bag/contents is a good starting point for someone to build a good hiking/survival first aid kit.

That being said, I am impressed with my kit that I purchased in December 2014. I have mainly used the bag for overnight or two day work trips. I did notice that Yukon also sells hammock straps that you can add to this kit on their website for about $25. I bought my straps in a bundle with a second hammock.


No hip belt? That pretty much renders it useless for carrying anything heavy any distance. For example, all the stuff it comes with in any kind of emergency evacuation scenario.

I won’t even buy a day pack for city use without a hip belt.


Dang it! So close. I was looking for a 59-piece survival kit.


Let me think. I think we have some other stuff for sale on the sites that might work. And you’d ship both for $5. :tongue:


I have the backpack from this kit from a previous woot. I use it mostly as a “all-in-one” bag for going on roadtrips or whatever. It seems to be durable and has lots of pockets for organizing things.

It lacks a hip belt, so all the weight will be on the front of your shoulders. Because this bag is so “tall”, packs out away from your back instead of being wide, I’m not sure a hip belt would give you much but a more secure load.

I would not take this on a long hike because of the lack of hip belt and the way that the full pack balances. It’s great for car or carry on use.


what a joke? Item cannot ship to Hawaii? Way to go guys…this was your first email to me to introduce me to your lack of services? lame!!!


, some Israeli wraps, some quikclot, chest plugs, …Dang you are expecting real trouble.


I won’t even buy a day pack for city use without a hip belt.

Good point. Thanks.