Yukon Outfitters 58-Piece Survival Kit

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Yukon Outfitters 58-Piece Survival Kit
Price: $99.99
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This looks like a pretty good deal for all you get. On the Yukon Outfitters site, the same kit sells for $194.99

58-piece? So that would be 9 6-packs, and a whistle…oh, and a couple pieces of jerky.

Product Page

It’s a good starting point to prepare for ann emergency, but you’ll want to add to it and customize it. There’s plenty of room left in the pack to do that. These are just the bare bones, but I like mine

We have just started looking into these packs. Thinking of making our own but wondering if these are a good starting point? For the ones that have bought this deal in the past, what did you think of quality? Worth it or not?

Why does the Coyote color show up as tan in the pics but every time I order I get a green bag?

Seriously Woot, what is your obsession with tactical gear and survival packs? That’s the majority of the
“sport” crap you sling at us anymore.

How about some actual sports gear?

For those of us who think of surviving as a sport in the game of life, these deals are grand! Good luck fending of hungry hordes of the ill-prepared with your incredibly well-priced soccer bag…

It has a cotton ball. That’s got to be worth something.

There’s a pretty good review of it here: http://knowpreparesurvive.com/bug-out-bag/yukon-alpha-survival-kit-review/


Please note the color can vary slightly from pictured depending on dye lot. However, you’re right that the pack presented here (and previous events) does look more tan than the actual Coyote color tone on our two tone Alpha Backpacks.

Please find a photo we’ve shot in natural light of an Alpha Backpack (Coyote/Foliage):


Here is the Olive Drab color option:


Sorry for any inconvenience caused but hope you are loving your packs as much as we do.

Thanks so much for the support!

Here are a couple additional photos of the Medical Kit:





Hey, when the zombie apocalypse comes, what makes you think they won’t be looking for a good soccer match?

But i’m done buying bags online only to find they have dividers or compartments not shown in the pictures that make it totally unsuitable for what I intend.


However, I bought another bag from you guys that was on here a couple of weeks ago and the tag on it said Coyote but it is the exact color of the olive drab pic you put up. Can these get mismarked?

This bag has tons of pockets and compartments everywhere and the material is thick. The bad part of that is that it fills up quickly and gets heavy. I tried it for travel and it just did not work. The good is that if you have a bunch of small things that you want to organize, it is amazing. I’m now using it for the gym and love it. I wouldn’t look at it as a survival item. (Maybe FEMA will let you stuff your blankey in it when they round us all up?) It is a quality bag, a really nice, comfortable hammock (you will have to buy straps), and a rain fly. Some other neat little trinkets thrown in.

the bag is a common design that has been duplicated over and over. I had one from la gear I got for 30 bucks, it is heavy material, has lots of pockets, but he seams are shit where it counts. I had about 30lb in the bag, picked it up by the shoulder strap and the main body seam split.

theres nothing in this thing that is of any half way decent quality. use your head, all that gear for 100 dollars, sounds too good to be true, because it is.

theres no filter or even those terrible tablets in this kit for purifying water, if you dont happen to find a clean source of water, you will be dead in a couple days if you rely on this kit.

a single pocket knife, while im sure is up to the task of picking your fingernails, its not up to the task of a survival knife. sure its better than your finger, it will cut some rope, could sharpen a few sticks, but thats about all. most people have kitchen knives that would be better suited to bushcraft.

if you want a survival kit that will look cool so you can show your friends how tactical you are, this is the kit for you. if you actually want something that would increase your odds of survival in a disaster, build your own. dont look to gimmick sites like yukon outfitters for gear.

If that’s the case, then it sounds like something got mixed up. Please send us an email at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com and include your woot receipt. From there we can make sure you get the correct color or bag.


You’re pretty much wrong on this. The bag alone is easily worth 40-50 bucks. The hydration bladder another 10-15. The knife is definitely not great but this is a starter pack, and a damn good one. The hammock is decent, as well as the rain fly, it’s a one person shelter. First aid kit is a small survival kit that, again, is a start. The knife is the only thing in this pack that isn’t good quality, and if you’re expecting a Benchmade in a $100 kit, you’re asking for too much.