Yukon Outfitters Alpha Survival Kit

I have two of these. they are a great start for anyone who does not know where to get started on prepping. you will need to add to these but can do it a little bit. the bag is sturdy but does not have a waist strap for helping with the load.

As shown indicates hydration (like camel back tubing…out of the pack hopefull attached to hydration bladder, and not something else…) Is this actually present on delivery?

Good eye! Our Alpha Backpacks are hydration compatible, but this Survival Kit does not include the bladders. Though they will come prepacked with a 5L Foldable Water Carrier and a 750ml Stainless Steel Water Bottle. Which you allows you to store more liquid, and even cook out of the SS bottle in a survival situation. Happy New Year!

Woot you might want to check your math on the retail price of the Trident kit. My calculator states $320. I was wondering why there was such a big difference between the Alpha and the Trident kits when the kit pieces were largely the same. Your math sux.

Now that I am curious (this is what happens being on vacation for the past 2-weeks, I have time for trivial pursuit), your mathematically challenged on the Scout retail also.

Sorry about that. I’ve asked our Sports team to look into why we have the wrong numbers for that.

Received this today. I wanted the backpack, and figured the gear was a good deal so I bought the survival kit. I’m very happy with it. The backpack is all I’d hoped for, and more. Lots of well-placed pockets and attachment points. As a woman, I appreciate the relocatable sternum strap. It feels sturdy and durable, and it will be my main pack for day hikes and walks to the grocery store.

I really like the knife that came with it. Smooth opening, easy to one-hand. Feels solid.

The flashlight/lantern is also quite good.

The first aid kit has some nice extras that I hope I’ll never need, but am glad to have just in case.

I’m happy they switched from the hydration bladder to the water carrier and bottle. More useful for my needs.

This is a well-thought-out kit. I’m impressed. All the included gear will go straight into my camping kit (which is also my disaster kit).