Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out and Range Bags

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Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out and Range Bags
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Product Page for the Range Bag

Will the bug out version qualify as a carry on for air travel?

Check with the airline’s carry on dimensions to be sure, but I bought one of these a while back and I think that it should. A great bag for a 3 or 4 day trip.

I got one of these a while ago. Took it out of the bag and it was spewing VOCs everywhere. A few rounds in the dryer on the air cycle and a couple of days outside in the sun and they went away. One of my favorite bags for overnighters and short trips.



Most airlines seem to specify a measurement of 45 total inches for a carry on. This is 26x13x11, which 26+13+11 equals 50. So it might not be usable as a carry on. But at the airline check in place, they usually have a bin to see if it fits. If it will fit in their test bin, then I guess you are good to go.

I’ve been wanting a bag for use as a bug out bag to leave packed most of the time and figured I’d wait for a Yukon Outfitters sale on Woot, so this is the time. Only thing is I’m not impressed by the bug out bag near as much as the range bag. I was envisioning something with lots of pockets but the bug out looks more like a duffel with two dividers inside. It does have the versatility to be used as a backpack and, even though I have a backpack, that capability would still be a plus. But the range bag is much closer to what I was wanting as far as compartments. Is there some reason a bugout bag is so sparse when it comes to pockets and compartments? I would want some part of the bag to be sizeable enough to carry freeze dried food packs and other bulky items but not in lieu of smaller compartments. I’ve thought about a decent sized sling pack as a bug out bag but rather than wait for Woot to offer those on sale, if ever, this is too good a deal to pass up so I guess for the time being my bug out will be a range bag. A bit bigger than I wanted and will have to carry it using the shoulder strap but at least I’ll end up with a bag that is more versatile.

I got the bug out bag from the Aug 26th sale and I love it. So much room, I love the dividers in the main section of the bag and the different ways to carry it is sweet!

Buyer beware. I purchased the Range Bag, in the Coyote color, in a recent sale. They sent me the Olive Drab color instead. I wrote to Woot, and this morning they wrote back, saying that unfortunately, they don’t have any replacement products to send me. I guess that’s because they want to sell their Coyote color Range Bags to new customers, rather than send them to those of us who already paid for them.

The bag seems fine, but don’t expect to get the color you order, and don’t expect an honest reply if you speak up about it.

Yukon Team here. We work hard to meet our customers’ service needs and insure experiences with our product are positive ones. Please contact us via our website so we can get you sorted quickly. Thanks again for choosing Yukon!

Wonderful, I just ordered the range bag in coyote. I’m certainly not wishing anyone ill, but I hope I’m one of the new customers who will get the coyote ordered! I own two other Yukon bags, both coyote.

I bought the Bug-Out Bag earlier this year, and I’ve been absolutely satisfied with it. Well made and versatile, it’s become my go-to bag for overnight and weekend trips. I’ve never carried it as a backpack, but as a small duffel with lots of space plus ample pockets to put stuff, it performs like a champ. In fact, I bought another Yukon Tactical product (the Explorer side pack) on Woot because I like the Bug-Out Bag so much, which is probably the ultimate recommendation.

Are there wheels or is this meant as a carry bag?

It TOTALLY will fit as a carry-on. Delta is only one airline but still, this is a good measurement guideline. Your point - the bag is bigger than the dimensions listed on Delta. Totally Valid…

My point - unless you totally stuff this bag with bricks until is is barely closable, you will be able to get it on as a carry-on bag. Airline staff may ask you if you can compress it a little (ie. just pack clothing and noting fragile in it), and they will waive you through.

I have been traveling for work 29 of the past 52 weeks, I NEVER check bags unless I am away for more than a week at a time. The Bug Out bag will work well as a carry-on (unless you pack it full of bricks, like some sort of brick-fetish weirdo…).

Bought 2 of these bags to use as portable medical kits. They fit everything you need for a properly prepped bag and more. From band aids to tourniquets, gauze, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and iodine…etc. These are well made, have straps that you can use as a back pack and have Molle straps for extra gear…

I think it’s a notch longer than some airlines allow, but it’s soft, so you can squeeze it no problem. Good bag, overall.

Where is the bag made?