Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bag (5 Colors)

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Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bag (5 Colors)
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Can you please label the images with the colors besides black? I mean, we all know what black looks like, but that’s the only one you labeled.

Has anyone used this as an air line carry on? seems it would be too big at 26 inches.

Technically it is too big for a carry on but since it is a soft duffel, it can definitely be made to fit. If some jack hole can bring on a roller suitcase stuffed to the point that the zippers are popping out, this should fly.

I have yet to fly with mine but I would definitely attempt it. I have also asked the same question to Yukon outfitters and they say it has been done. Having said that, this bag is a bargain especially when you consider that it’s modeled after a maxpedition bag that costs about 5 times as much.

How would this be for long hikes?

I just used mine as a carry on last week. Nobody even looked twice at it. Like robhimself said, it takes up a lot less room than most of those wheeled monstrosities people carry with them.

I guess it depends on how much weight you put in the bag. For a day hike, it would be fine but then again this pack would be too big for a day hike.

For a backpacking pack or bug out bag where you are hiking for long distances and carrying 30+ pounds of gear, I would not use this bag at all. Though the ‘backpack’ straps are as wide as most backpacking packs, the straps are not as padded. The strap connectors are plastic and connect to plastic D rings. No waist belt to help with weight distribution. While there are cinch straps, there are not enough to cinch things down like a normal backpacking pack to keep your load low, centered and near your spine. All of this prevent this from being considered a backpacking pack nor a bug out bag.

With that said, I love this bag. It has LOTS of pockets. Molle system. I love the zippered dividers inside the main compartment. The bag is a good size for use as an overnight luggage, like for car camping trips or weekend getaways.

Yes. This. Please.. On my phone especially, all the not-black colours are nearly indistinguishable.

Also–and I looked, I realise this comes from Yukon’s own marketing drivel–

…wtf does that mean? What, actually, does it have?

or at least tell us the order of the colors in accordance to the order of the pictures from top to bottom.

The first 4 pictures are black.
Pics 5 and 6 are Earth?
Pics 7, 8 and 9 are Coyote?
Pics 10 and 11 are gray
The last pic is olive drab?

All over this one, in for one blackety black bag!

I have used it since March as my new carry on, just got back from another trip. It works great. Haven’t had any issues and have replaced my rolling carry on because it holds just as much and I can carry on my back. All the little side pockets make it easy to access my phone chargers, ear plugs and earphones. When going through the security line I use the top 1/3 part for my toiletries bag and it’s easy access. I like the compartment option on the main part of the bag because it lets me separate shoes, clothing and toiletries. It’s easier for my to carry everything on my back and be more mobile as opposed to a rolling bag with just one pocket on the outside. In a plane it can fit straight into the over head just barely without having to put it horizontally just like most carry on luggage. It’s tight but I’ve done it many times.

I’ve had this bag for about six months now. It’s very well constructed and the backpack feature is great when you need your hands free.

It’s a little awkward with the shoulder strap because it hangs sideways. And the wide body makes carrying it by the top handle a little clumsy as well. I would’ve liked more main cargo space than so many little pockets. The zippered partitions are genius.
It’s something between a backpack and a duffel… Not really excelling at either.

A Bug out bag with nothing in it is just a normal bag. The sale needs to be renamed to Yukon Outfitters Bag, anything else would be classified as deceptive marketing.

It holds a full weeks worth for travel. I would call it more of an urban bugout bag if used that way.

I would only use it as a backpack short term, it is good to have the option in case you have to carry more gear.

I ordered their Alpha pack on here in coyete and it looked like picture 5&6. The checkout shows coyete as 7,8,9. I really like the color I have but I’m not sure which one to order…

Great bag. My dealings with Yukon Outfitters have been very positive.