Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bag, 5 Colors

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Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bag, 5 Colors
Price: $39.99
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8/26/2015 - $39.99 - Click To See Discussion (31 comments)


“… But let’s be honest here: why would the New World Order even CARE about you?”

Hmmm… apparently Woot does not know me at all!

I bought one of these a few woots ago. I use it as a range bag instead of Yukon Outfitter’s range bag because I wanted to have backpack straps versus being limited to just the shoulder strap.

This thing carries SO much stuff! Definitely get one if you’re in the market for a range bag (or another one, because you can never just have one!)

Most airlines carry on size max is 22x14x9 and this is bigger than that. So much for the quick trip to the islands…

But it’s soft. Don’t over stuff and you could squeeze it into any bag sizer. If needed, keep a jacket in there. If you have to pull it out and wear it to make the squeeze.

I absolutely love this bag, It is my weekend travel bag and my carry-on bag I wear it like a backpack and have never even been asked to try to shove it into the sizer bin thing. Like Jreddington said, its soft and squishy (yet durable) it can easily be squeezed into the overhead bin on airplanes.

It appears no one enforces/follows that rule anyway. Most people take full size suitcases on board anyway.

I was thinking the same thing. Can you tuck away the backpack straps? Does the should strap carry it flat or on it’s side?


I’ve had this bag for a while now (plus every other bag Yukon makes!) and it’s great. I use a roller suit case when I fly but like others have said this would easily fit in an overhead compartment.

The strap is on the side and goes diagonally across. The backpack straps are in their own zipper compartment so out of the way when not needed.

It’s a good size bag. I use it for car trips so I can load it down and compartmentalize. It can be heavy when loaded hence the roller bag for airports.

Like all of Yukon’s bags it’s well made, has plenty of zippered compartments and buckles and straps. Many uses for this guy.

I’ve been looking for a bag like this for a while and this is a pretty good price. Yukon Outfitters offers this bag direct on their website for $89.99, and Wally World carries it for $73.42 (single color choice only). Amazon has it listed for $69.99 but it is not Prime eligible.

All things considered, this is why I shop at Woot!

Is it water proof and do you think there’s a way to strap it on a motorcycle back rack??

Carry on max is roughly 3000 cubic inches. And being a frequent traveler I have been challenged in the past both domestic and overseas. I wouldn’t chance it… I wouldn’t want to be the one doing the luggage shuffle at the last minute. Too bad… If it was a little smaller I’d be in for one.

Yes, both straps tuck away in a zipper pocket on the bottom. The shoulder strap makes it so the bag carries on either side. I suppose you could always cross from one side to the other if you wanted to try and carry it upright.

This is my weekend bag and I absolutely love it. It has plenty of storage and a lot of pockets to keep things separated. I also like that the main compartment can be separated into 2, 3, or completely open. It’s a very well made bag and actually got me to buy more of their stuff because it’s so nice.

No, it’s not waterproof. I’m sure you could strap it to your motorcycle via your straps or bungee cords but check the size.

I would say no on the waterproof. you could probably get some cloth water treatment to make it at best water resistant.

As far as strapping it to a motorcycle rack, there are 2 straps on each size of the bag, as well as being covered with Molle Webbing, you might even be able to use the back pack shoulder straps. If you wanted to, I think you could easily come up with a way to strap it down.

They do tuck away

If you look at the pics in backpack mode, you see there is a horizontal seam at the top of straps. That seam conceals a zipper pouch which the hide away nicely in. In the pic below, you can see the zipper lanyard hanging out next to one of the shoulder straps. the base of the straps just clips into a D-ring so its easy to hide the straps away.

Is there a laptop compartment in there?