Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bag, 5 Colors

We have one, as well as their Range bag. Great design, nice bag & features. But don’t be expecting a $150 bag for $45 (shipping).

Zippers and fabric are solid. However, would not rely too heavily on the too thin plastic hooks (with thin wire safety springs) for the back or shoulder straps… Or the undersized plastic loops to which they hook.

Good buy for $45 but I might skip it at $70+. Would definitely buy again at this price.

@bbkingdom, No, this is not a dainty bag.

I’m thinking that you would have a high percentage of success with this bag as a carry-on for most flights. However, I think small commuter flights (Aircraft) would make you check it.

I bought three of these last time. One for me, and one for each of my two oldest kids. Very well made. The interior compartments make organizing your gear a lot easier. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but the kids love theirs. I travel light on short business trips a lot. But I will be using this for personal trips because I think it could easily hold a week’s worth of casual clothes.

That’s great to know. I was at the range yesterday and was griping (to myself) about how garbage my current range bag was. 3 firearms, 6 mags, 6 boxes and eyes/ears and the thing was bulging. Plus it only has hand loops to carry.

Does this have any compartment for mags at all? Curious, because I may plunk down money on one of these.

I’ve carried this on multiple times with no issues. It’s a soft body and also has interior walls that can fold down to make this thing REALLY squish if you need it. If you’re worried about dangling straps, the backpack straps zip inside the bottom of the bag and all others tuck away nicely.

Highly recommend this bag for easy carry on.

The airlines encourage people to do this by checking their bags for free when they carry them on and they don’t fit. :frowning:

I like that the dividers are zippered because the velcro system on the range bag does not work well.

@sleddy, agreed, the zippered dividers on today’s bag are more hardy than the Velcro in the Range bag.

However, at least the Range bag has metal shoulder strap hooks and metal loops on the bag. (Still not real beefy, but at least they’re not plastic like those on today’s bag.)

I used this as my main bag on a recent trip to Italy and had no problem even on slightly smaller domestic flight overheads. Only if the bag was overstuffed, I imagine you might have a problem fitting in overheads.

However, this bag is what I would call “squishy.” I’ve used it as a carryon 3 times since purchasing it and haven’t had any problems getting it into the overhead bin.

Bought the bag a little less than a year ago. very happy with it…that is until the main zipper broke. I tried contacting Yukon so they can honor their warrantee and no one is responding to my emails…I am open to any suggestions here…

Have you tried calling? 731.696.5517

I’ve traveled with mine extensively and never had an issue. I had SWA rep ask me to put it in the carry-on sizer when it was overstuffed on the way to a ski weekend and it fit no problem.

I’m actually surprised by the height the specs say it is, because it doesn’t look like a 26" bag in person.

Good point. I did not even consider the plastic connection. I went ahead and bought one anyway.

Hi There!

We hear you loud and clear. Can you PM me your email address so we can find this order and get it resolved for you? Thanks!


Got this on woot a while ago, great bag very sturdy.

I bought this bag almost a year ago and I still LOVE it! I use it for my weekend getaways and when I’m doing a sleepover. Very durable and very roomy. Carries my stuff and some of my wife’s stuff!

Got my Bug-Out Bag today and it is great - I should have ordered two at this price. Plus the storm gray is a great color.

For those who like to use a waist belt when wearing a backpack, the shoulder strap can be used as one when clipped to the D-rings attached to the lower handle when you are wearing the bag. Pretty cool.

One thing I did not recognize - there is a small velcro loop sewn inside the pocket where you store the shoulder straps, in the middle just under the zipper. Is this for keys, or something else specifically? It doesn’t look like it attaches to anything else but itself, and why would you want your keys pressing into your back when wearing the bag as a pack.