Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bag, 5 Colors

I looked at several reviews on Youtube before I bought this Bug-Out bag. Everyone who reviewed it had nothing bad to say about it, so I bought it! I was pretty excited to stuff my patrol gear in it when it arrived. However, almost everyday that I use it the zippers separate where it shouldn’t! It’s a shame, if they can make these with reliable zippers it would be one of my top picks for bags. At least, I bought it here on Woot instead of full price elsewhere.

I bought one of these to strap to the back of my cycle. Its awesome. Hauls all my stuff and when I get where I am going, I can throw the backpack straps on and easily carry my gear. I also bought the overwatch sling pack and rigged up some straps so it buckles on top of this bag. Detaches quickly for quick stops.