Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bag

Absolute junk. I bought several of these when they were previously on woot and I wish they hadn’t. They all had defects and Yukon outfitters doesn’t stand by their products. Their customer service was nonexistent. Stay away.

Yukon has had lots of issues with their bags falling apart. They tend to monitor these woot sales and then offer rebuttals to comments and offer to fix the products by having the person contact them. These bags are pretty low quality components compared to other bags on the market. I urge folks to pay the money for quality.

@bavick is correct we definitely will help to fix or replace any damaged products if failure is due to a manufacturer’s defect.

@briceport81, sorry to hear of your experience and we definitely stand by our products. Please reach out to us directly at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com or PM us on here and we’ll help you out!

Also, feel free to call us directly at 731-696-5517 - business hours: 9am - 5pm CST

Happy Wooting!

I purchased this bag (different color scheme) back in September of 2014.
I have had no issues with this bag at all. I use it for all my weekend trips and as a airport carry-on bag. The only thing I would change would be metal fittings instead of the plastic ones for the shoulder straps, but the plastic parts are durable and I’ve had zero failures.

I’ve had this bag for years in o.d. green. It’s a perfect carry on size. It’s built very well and Yukon most definitely stands beyond their product. I’ve returned yukon hammocks that have torn from regular use and they have sent me replacements, no questions asked.

I don’t agree with your comment. I got their Alpha pack and gave it a rough rundown on trips to Acadia and Crater Lake. Bag held up fine, especially for how cheap I got it for. Incidentally my Bug-out bag has held up fine over the years too.

Obviously I’m not going to throw out my Osprey, but the Alpha is fine for a day pack.

I strongly disagree. I have 4 of these style bags (coyote color) used for emergency bags. Two are away with college kids (and one of them used it for travel a couple of times) and one is in my jeep, one is with my oldest son. I’ve been using them for the past couple years and have no complaints. I pack them to the point of what I would called “maxed out”. Well, I did have one arrive with the zippers kind of out of sync but unzipping them, then re-zipping fix it. I have a couple of other YO bags and they are packed to the max, get carried around on camping trips and again, they hold up as well as anything else on the market. I tend to have seasonal bags and I have plenty. Short of a true issue military bag, for the price, you won’t find anything any better. Sure, you might pay 3 times the price but even those break (been there, done that. Never will buy a Kelty bag for anything). So, I’m at the head of the line if calling out a bad product is warranted. Having no less then 6 of their products, NONE of them have failed to perform. And if I needed another, I’d buy it off the mother ship if it’s not listed here (which I have).

Disclaimer: Yukon Outfitters did not contact me nor offer me anything for my input. But being a somewhat closet prepper, these bags are well worth the money

I sent you a private message. Hopefully your customer service through Woot is better than your direct email through your website.

Sent my private message as instructed over 24 hours ago and I don’t have a response.

Sorry about that. We’ve sent him a note to check in.

@briceport81, received your PM and responded already. Hit us up w/ ya deets!

Took 2 of these up Kilimanjaro 2 years ago, and they did fantastically, even being thrown all over the place, smashed, squashed, dragged over rocks, etc. We’ve had great luck with ours, and never had any complaints.