Yukon Outfitters Bug-Out Bags

These are pretty decent bags. I’ve used 3 of them so far to build shelter in place/bug out bags. I got an extra bag and put my pandemic/chemical incident loadout. Couple of complete NBC suits, gas masks, containment items, meds, etc. It was a tight fit and required a few reloads but got it all to fit. Nice thing about these bags, they are easy to load for bug out bag purposes. 3 compartments allow you to keep food, shelter, hygene-firstaid-misc, separated and easy access. Well thought out bag. Only had 1 issue. One of the bags, when I got it, the main zipper was out of it’s “track”. Took a little work but got it re-aligned and was able to zip it up. I exercised the zipper a few times and not had issues since. I’ve switch my chemical incident contents to this bag incase it acts up again. Nice bag and would recommend it to anyone who wants to set up a bag to keep in the car or at the ready.

One suggestion to Yukon Outfitters. The two dividers should be designed so they are removable. If they were Velcro and could be adjusted a inch or two either direction would be a benefit and allow removal.

I love my bug out bag! The ingenuity and creative placement of mesh pockets, dividers, and straps makes this bag perfect for whatever you need it to do. I’ve used mine for multiple camping/float trips and to carry my martial arts gear, and while haven’t tried “bugging out” with it, it gets thrown around pretty often and has yet to take any damage. Everything works just as well today as the day I bought it.

My one complaint is that the main zipper has a weak point and will separate if I zip past it. I emailed Yukon Outfitters about it once, but never received a response. Again, this was at least a year ago, so thats not a reflection on their current customer service. I’ve solved the issue by zipping up both sides of the zipper to the weak point, and it has yet to fail anywhere else.

9.5/10, would recommend.

Had my bag for 3-4 years now, and I love it. I’ve used it for lots of trips, and it holds a great amount of clothing/toiletries. It’s got lots of pockets and places to put things, and the backpack straps makes it really convenient to carry.

Highly recommended!

these are awesome bags. Very comfortable to wear as a backpack. Two fit in my boat hatch perfectly…so that was the primary use for them. But now they hold out 2 Segway mini pros perfectly. I break out the Segway, and the sneakers, windbreaker, throw the pack on and go to the gym, then store, grab groceries, and zip around town on my Segway :). It’s great

For anyone who travels, these bags are airline carry-on size, and have so many strap configurations they are always comfortable to carry.

It appears that the zippers are not lockable. Can anyone confirm this.