Yukon Outfitters Double Hammocks

I 300lbs. load capacity seems sadly low for a double hammock…

It also seems awfully narrow for a double. Perhaps if you’re measuring it like they measure tents, but in the real world, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.

This brand is the only one I found that DOES NOT come with the carabiner. Very disappointed to know I could not use the hammock the day I received it.

The all the hammocks I’ve bought from this company(like 6 now) have come with a pair of screw type carabiners attached and ready to go. Perhaps you should Yukon Outfitter’s customer support, it may have been a mistake or oversight.

This is still my favourite brand of hammock.
The hammocks themselves are quality pieces, there’s no reason to go spend $60-70 for a big name brand when we have these so regularly on Woot.
These hammocks are comfortable, sturdy, and come in nice colors.

Customer service with this company is top notch, too. If you ever have trouble with your hammock or accessories, just contact the company. They’ll take good care of you. Heck, if you call them you can even talk to a real person without having to wait on hold.

Does this come with straps?

no, you will have to buy straps

They do indeed come with a set of quick links (stronger than the average carabiner found in the market). We’ve tested over 2,000 lbs. therefore claim a safe working load of 400 lbs. each. Disappointment is unacceptable at Yukon!

The guy was mistaken, he mistakenly bought his online from an outfit called “Yucky Outfitters.”