Yukon Outfitters Double Hammocks

There’s not really much to a hammock, but you do want strong fabric and lines. These have them, and at a reasonable price, unlike some other …cougheno… brands that are about the same quality for up to FIVE TIMES the price. Get five! Have plenty for friends, or just sling one up in every room and on every tree, and still have one for traveling. My only complaint would be the measurement. These “doubles” are quite comfortable for a single adult, but it’s a squeeze to put two in one. Maybe two small adults or one adult and a kid. Otherwise great!

Does this come with straps?

The Specs tab calls out hammock with ropes.

Not sure what the ‘double’ refers to… With a top weight limit of 300lbs, you’d need tiny people…

It refers to the 6’6" width.

No straps. I’ve used one of these for a couple years. Basic hammock. No probs.