Yukon Outfitters Equipment

Please let us know if we can be of any help or assistance to the woot family during this event!

I bought the Tactical Rapid Response Bag six months ago to hold all of my GoPro cameras, mounts, and iPad. It’s one of the best bags I’ve ever used. It’s well made and there are lots and lots and lots of pockets to organize things. I’m buying another so if anything happens to it, I’ll have a spare. It’s that good.

Tvoelk, Nice choice. This is an understated bag… as it has so many compartments and set up options designed to fit a wide range of activities. This bag was designed for law enforcement use on patrol and we had to make sure that it stood up to the rigors of daily duty. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

I purchased the bug out bag and am very pleased. I am a little disappointed in the customer service of yukon outfitters though. I have tried twice to contact them regarding the purchase of their survival pack and have not received a single response. That is a little concerning.

Those sleeping bags look nice, though seems 100% of sales in Neveda are really quick on the draw

Are the dimensions 18" x 9.5" x 9.5" correct for the MG1577 Bighorn All-Weather Duffel?

Also, are the dimensions 11" x 11.5" x 23" correct for the MG91028M Lowcountry All-Weather Duffel?

I’ve viewed both videos for each product, and by using the person in the videos for comparison to judge bag sizing, these numbers seem off.

I would like to purchase a bag, however, I have a size restriction I’m working with. Some feedback would be great. Thank you!

Why do I only every see Yukon Outfitters on Woot? Are they a relatively new company?

They appear to be a relatively new company out of North Carolina, yes. Ive only seen their products offered on Woot and on their site. You can see their full range of products below…

The products are amazing, but you can tell they have been spread thin and overwhelmed in their Customer Service department. I have had multiple emails to them go without response for several months, and I have got to be one of their better customers (Ive bought 4 of their bags and 3 of their hammock/mossy net/rainfly combos in the last year alone)

when the bags say they’re hydration system ready, does that mean you can put any old bag/tube in there, or are there only specific sizes that fit?

Their products are also available on Amazon

Is the Parachute Blanket water proof or water resistant?

I bought their Tactical Alpha Backpack several months ago on woot. I’ve been using it daily to carry work stuff and my laptop. Unfortunately I’m stuck with a 17" laptop and it doesn’t fit in the laptop zipper section so I carry it in the main section, have had no issues. I’m quite happy with the quality of the bag and recommend it!!!

No specific size. An average large bladder could be 3L and still fit fine. I assume you’re not using anything close to 10L

It says “quick-drying” so I’d assume neither.

For future sales it would be nice if Yukon sent more comprehensive product photos. Every bag should have a picture of the front, back, and inside of the main compartment. At least.

I simply do not have enough info to decide if the bags I’m considering are worth the risk, given the mixed reviews on durability they seem to get. Product photos are one of the main things we have to go off of, so it seems a poor place to skimp.

Hi Jigz,

PM me so we can sort out your Survival Kit issue today. Thanks for letting us know!

You are correct. The hydration ready bags mean that you can fit a 2-3L hydration bladder in the product and the product has all of the appropriate holes and fixtures for the tube.

Thanks for checking us out! Glad you brought this up… The dimensions for the Lowcountry are correct, but the Bighorn is actually bigger than listed on here.

The dimensions for the Bighorn are 23" x 14" x 14" We’ll try to get this corrected right now.

Hope this helps!

Hi There. This particular parachute blanket is not water proof. It’s made of a fast drying nylon fabric that can also serve as a sun shield if rigged in that way.

We are working on a Made in USA para blanket that will have a water proof finish… so stay tuned!