Yukon Outfitters Equipment

This is very sound advice and we appreciate the feedback. One reason that we do the videos is to give someone an idea of how the bag functions and handles. In future events we will be sure to incorporate some more ‘real world’ pictures that will give some perspective.

Thanks. I look forward to your future sales.

I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Tactical Quick Scout, and I doubt I would have without the video. Granted that bag lends it self to demonstration more than most.

Excellent Choice. That is a great bag! Being compatible to fit other MOLLE bags makes it the ultimate utility piece!

Yes but amazon owns woot, so who else sells them and are they new?

Total bummer that the Bug Out bag isn’t on this woot. My father in law got one and it’s perfect… wish I could get 1 or 2 at the special WOOT price! :). Any idea if this is coming to woot again in the near future? Last woot that had it that I could see is http://www.woot.com/offers/yukon-outfitters-bugout-bag


We will be in several big box retailers this year; our founder is a big believer in assisting small privately owned stores and up til now that has been our main brick and mortar retail outlets. Yes all of this product is new just as if you were to buy it from one of our guide/outfitter partners locally

For the Tactical Alpha Backpack what are the dimensions of the laptop pocket?

Oh OK, I really just wanted to know a little more about the company, I already own the Range bag, the over watch sling bag and ordered the Alpha backpack. I love the bags, I was just curious why with such a good product I haven’t seen it around more. It honestly made me wonder if you were new or just a product that was solely sold on deal sites, and if that was the case why. So thank you for the feed back.

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I’ve purchased two of their rifle scabbards and two of their hammocks. Very well constructed and built to last.

I just ordered the Big Horn Duffel. I’m sure Yukon won’t disappoint me on this one either.

Need more hammocks with Mosquito Net! :slight_smile:

What is the IPX rating on the torrent bags?

In for my first MOLLE pack, nabbed the quick scout. I’m fairly certain this is the first step into an expensive future.

I have two Yukon Outfitters bags, the Tactical Alpha backpack and the Bugout bag (duffel) and I can attest to their value.

I play in a couple of bands and load my gear in these bags. They get used often, tossed around dirty stages and loaded and unloaded dozens of times and they have held up perfectly.

I’d buy more if I needed them (still might) but don’t have a need at this moment. Thankfully woot! cycles them through often.

I have the hammock in question. Absolutley 100% satisfied with it. Works great.

Yukon Outfitters MG-12321 Rifle Scabbard will NOT fit an M4/AR15 carbine with a scope. Fits so-so with no scope and no magazine. Other than that, it’s a nice scabbard, but it does not fit my needs

Any ETA on the re-stocking of the Yukon Outfitters Mountain Tool?