Yukon Outfitters Equipment

My advice is to avoid anything with the Yukon Outfitter name on it. They will not stand behind their product. I’ve sent numerous emails, the first promised they would replace a bag that broke the first time it was used. Then emails came back as “undeliverable”. Found a phone number for the comapany on facebook, called an got a call back with promises that weren’t followed up on. This company has utterly and completely failed at delivering a quality product and at providing the slightest bit of customer service. If you want to roll the dice with your hard earned money, then go for it.

I absolutely love these bags! I hope they have their hammocks and sleeping gabs on here again b/c i really want to buy one! I have three of their bags(Alpha, overwatch, and range bag) and I love all of them!

I have had the complete opposite experience. I received a bug net hammock with a small tear in the netting. Yukon Outfitters promptly sent me a new one just days after the initial contact. I offered to return the old and they told me to just keep it as well. They were nothing but helpful and prompt while addressing my issue. I have bought many more items from them and will continue to in the future as well.

I have a couple of the Yukon bags, I like them. They’re heavy but sturdy. I will say the Alpha bag actually has too many pockets and compartments for my taste as it takes time to figure out exactly which one contains a sought item at any one time.

Evidently they pick and choose which issues to resolve relating to the poor quality of their products. It’s a shame that my only recourse is to file a complaint with the BBB. Buyer beware!


We sincerely apologize for your experience and have recently invested more into our customer service department. We’re a relatively new company and have learned a lot from our recent experiences shutting down shop over this past holiday break.

Please note we do have a 1 year Yukon Outfitters warranty and are dedicated to making things right with our Yukon family.

We feel terrible about your experience and would love the opportunity to regain your confidence in YO. Please write us at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com

Just got my Quick Scout today and I’m pretty satisfied for the price.

It’s slightly disappointing in a lack of features that you just kind of expect any similar pouch or backpack to have, especially in consideration of this regularly costing $30, but it’s not a deal-breaker at $20. The one thing I’d love to see if it ever gets updated would be a mesh netting inside the pouch that has MOLLE on it.

I bought it for the basic concept: a backpack that can be kept out of the way until you need one. It fulfills that role perfectly. I have nothing to compare it to in terms of quality, but it’s nice to not see any loose threading excess around seams or zippers, and every button-snap feels solid.

I may pick up another one or more for keeping around the house or in the car with small first aid kits in them.

I’ve bought many YO products and generally like them. Some observations: Price is cheap but the bags are tough; zippers are sub-par; they are mostly “inspired by” 5.11 or Maxpedition bags (ex. I’ve a lg 5.11 range bag and a similar lg YO range bag - 5.11 is 3x more expensive but all-around higher quality); and the most noticeable…

[Edit to tone it down :)] YO bags smell bad. YO Rep, what’s the deal with the nasty stench? It wears off after a while but dang.

Overall, would I bet my life on YO quality? No. But would I buy another bag or three? You betcha. Yukon Outfitters is good stuff.

Been there done that. All you have to do is answer the emails or return the phone calls. That would probably be a good start. Since I have tried that avenue many times to no avail it tells me your company has a long way to go. Your excuses may sound good to someone who is contemplating a first purchase, but I have learned the hard way it’s all just B S

I had no problem resolving an issue with Yukon when a product I received was defective. They offered to provide a replacement or alternative product at the same price point and I had a new item within a few days.
The products seem good for the price.

Our rep has stated they have reached out to you and have been working to help get a resolution to your issue. They’re reconfirming they will be reaching back out to you- please let us know if you still have specific issues and we can help bridge any communication gaps, but Yukon is a very reliable vendor of ours and I have faith that they’ll work hard to make you happy.

While I have no experience with YO customer service, I have ordered a ton of their stuff from woot. It has all been great and the only one I have trouble with is my range bag my dogs decided to chew the zippers off of (@#$#%T$ dogs).

IMO the bags, hammocks, blanket, are great for any price, and the hatchets, machetes, etc are good FOR THE PRICE. The bladed things are light and cheap feeling, but well built for what they are. Having trouble not pulling the trigger on another parachute blanket…

Happy Friday our fellow Wooters and Yukon Fam!

Only a couple days left for these great deals. Please let us know if you have any questions or just want to share some of your romantic plans for the weekend. We’re planning for a huge bon fire with some old pallets, that’s romantic right?

I want to see the tactical bags come back. I got one last time and it was way over my expectations. I can’t wait to get 2 more.

Thanks to all who participated and supported this event! Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or just want to share some cool outfittin’ stories @ customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com