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I bought my first Yukon product from Woot a few weeks ago and it already broke. I have the tactical duffle and the string connecting the strap to the bag snapped off. Poor sewing quality for it to snap off from such limited use. I only used it 3 times a week to hold an empty water bottle, lock, gloves, and deodorant.

I’m very sorry about that, you do have a warranty with Yukon and they’re usually very responsive to customer issues like yours. You should be able to contact them at the bottom of their page here.

@ dale380,

Sorry to hear you’ve had a snafu with our Speed Duffle. We’re very happy to send you a new pack FOC! We’re sending you a PM now to discuss details. Also, please feel free to reach out to customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com

Always love the Yukon stuff. But you still haven’t gotten the Coyote/foilage colors corrected!

The specs between the black and coyote overwatch sling packs differ from each other and both are different still from the specs listed on the Yukon web site.

From Yukon for Overwatch Sling Pack:

Height: 20.5 inches
Width: 16 inches
Depth: 4 inches

Is there a way to get a confirmation if these are the same packs as what’s currently listed on Yukon’s site?

Hey guys, I wrote a review for the oversling not too long ago and posted it on Amazon. I’ll post it here too: The best feature the Yukon Tactical Overwatch sling-pack offers is accessibility between the pack and user: second to its well-constructed compartments. I took it out on a day hike and kept the weight of the pack light (8lbs), taking bare essentials and my Axiom slingshot for plinking. Often using the sling capability to reach needed items, the pack didn’t interrupt my hiking pace and rarely did I need to stop to take off the pack to get gear out. The majority of the outing consisted of hiking and hurling 5/16 steel balls at natural targets — this is where the beauty of the sling-pack shines in its light weight and easy access layout.
Regarding its design, it’s an echo of the Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger; however, I believe Yukon’s Overwatch sling-pack has a better MOLLE configuration being that there are more straps and the canteen pouch is removable as other parts also. In conjunction, the compartments have nylon webbing, straps, and mesh pouches within them making for an organized compartment for gear and consumables. The main compartment offers much in the same manner, except there are two large sleeves with one mesh pouch while the other is polyester — which is good to have as some items should be stored in sealed compartments. The sleeves have straps as well to pack down items tightly. The hydration compartment can fit a large water bladder or house a holster for a pistol. I can’t picture having both because it would be bulky, but I suppose that comes down to the gear involved.
A few things could be improved upon to make this oversling more efficient. The MOLLE straps on the oversling for the canteen pouch should have additional webbing on the left side so users can have the option of hanging the canteen pouch on either side. The shoulder strap and stability strap are fine, but the shoulder strap could be more padded because nearly all the weight will be emphasized on it. There is also a whistle on the stability strap that is overlooked. It’s rather non-functional and more of a gimmick. The zipper ties are okay, if we want to go the extra mile I’d prefer paracord ties as the cord currently on will eventually wear. Some might make the case that metal tabs would be better, and I agree because they are solid and make noise to let wildlife or people know of your presence, but then again for a hunter that would be hindering. I would just go paracord. If you need to make noise, get some bells! Aside from specs, the coloration of my pack (coyote/foliage) is not as it appears as in the photos from Yukon. It is more, well, coyote color, and in actuality it is more darker: I don’t think it’s a lighting trick as well as I was in bright daylight and it’s still darker than the photo. Coloration should be accurate to what is shown.
Overall, I suggest keeping this pack light and non-bulky. Try keeping items within the pack to conform to the shape of the pack, which is mostly flat. This will optimize comfort and won’t throw off your trekking. I recommend this pack for day hikes/overnighters. Depending on gear and location, I can see this as pack going for two day trips. It’s an excellent piece of gear and sturdy! That being said, other than outdoor outings I wouldn’t carry it as a work or school backpack. Get a casual work bag: you won’t look out of place and you’ll look good! Keep the Yukon tactical overwatch sling pack where it belongs, in the wild.
(some minor notes: there’s a zipper ring for small locks, and a Velcro tab on the backside)

I have this tactical bag and the buckle for one of the side pockets fell off. I emailed customer service and got no response.

Howdy folks, hope everyone is having a good one and happy Wooting!

Here to answer a couple questions we see flying around.

We are still working with Woot to help update the Coyote/Foliage photos. Please find an in-house photo we’ve taken with a longer exposure. This portrays a more accurate image to the actual bag.

YO Overwatch Slingpack:

@fuseblown, good catch on the inconsistent dimensions on the two tone and black Overwatch Slingpack. Both bags are the exact same size:

Exterior dimensions: 18" x 15" x 5"
Interior dimensions of 17" x 12" x 4"

@ thatguywithpoles, great write up and thanks for the support!

@sleddy, sent you a PM directly with CS details to help you out ASAP

Thanks again guys and keep the feedback rolling!

I’ve got several of the Yukon Outfitters products: the Range Bag, the Bugout Bag, the Alpha Pack, and the Overwatch Sling.

I use the Overwatch Sling as a daily work pack and lunchbag. Zero issues.

If I had ANY complaints, it is that the Sling is built for right-handers/left shoulder.

Just once in a while, we Southpaws could use a little love. . . (grin)

And a real request for Yukon Tactical: ever consider also selling the hydration bladders when you sell the packs here on Woot ???

Used the Bugout bag and Side Pack on my trip to Portugal last week.

Bugout bag survived airport checked in luggage without problems and the backpack mode made it easy to carry.

Side Pack easily held a DSLR and a compact camera in the main compartment and I discovered a few pockets I didn’t know it had. The conceal carry compartment extends up into the straps and on one side is open so you can either drop things into the compartment through the opening or have something long and skinny slipped in there if it won’t fit inside. On the downside, really small items like coins could slip out of there if you turned the pack upside down and shook it but I don’t think that’s something people would normally do.

I like their stuff too, but as one commenter pointed out an issue with colors… I purchased a rainfly a while back, and recently another one, that specifically labeled it “Olive” in color. It arrived today, black as black can be. Guess it is sort of buyer beware on Woot, as they don’t really do returns… and now in checking it seems that Yukon doesn’t even make this product in Olive. Was going to possibly contact them about an exchange, but guess no point to that. Not a huge deal I guess, I wanted 2 of this item, just wish it had been the color advertised and ordered.

I sent Yukon Outfitters a lengthy Email complete with pictures showing the problems with the coyote foliage. Then they told me they would call so we could discuss this problem. I spent two weeks Emailing back and forth and they never called and quit responding.

I have seen this picture and, all it does is show that Woot is sending out the wrong color and Yukon Outfitters is mislabeling them. I tried to reach out to you and after two weeks of back and forth I quit. Your customer service is terrible.

I apologize for your experience so far- it’s unusual that Yukon not help completely. I’m reaching out to our contact there, I know they’ll be in touch ASAP!


I understand a YO customer service rep has reached out to you, and will be taking care of your requests directly.

It’s our mission to not only provide excellent products, but excellent service as well. Trust we will do everything to make things right and get you back Outfitting (in style) in no time!

Act quick and you can still grab our two remaining styles on this event! We’re gonna rep #tbt and post a couple older videos for those who want to learn more about the Yukon Tactical…

Ultimate Breakdown Gun Case

and our trusty Overwatch Sling Pack

We appreciate the support and welcome any and all feedback.

I bought two bags the sling bag and the main buckle will only stay connected if I flip it and connect it backwards. If I put it as it is supposed to be the snap will come undone. This is a mild inconvenience, but I like the bag enough to use it as my daily bag for school.

My problem is is with the speed duffle though. After one use the shoulder strap is busted. the latches are both pushed out. Now I need to find a new bad for my lab.

I replied to your Tweet, but try reaching out to Yukon. They can likely help you out.

If you need any extra assistance, please email your order number and issue to support@woot.com.