Yukon Outfitters Expedition Duffle

is this durable enough (especially the straps) to use as an all weather range bag like the lowcountry? I like the durability and ability to carry ammo weight of the lowcountry but the shoulderstraps capability of the expedition. thanks for the info Y.O. I have a bunch of your gear. keep up the good work

What up, Rock! Yes, the Expedition Duffle is made of the same materials as your Lowcountry Duffle, so you get the same level of durability. The key difference is the bottom panel- on the Lowcountry you get the rigid bottom panel, while the Expedition does not. This is because we wanted to keep the Expedition lightweight and portable. Either way, you’re getting a helluva range bag that will keep your contents dry.

Thanks for checking us out!

Great to know! what kind of weight (again, thinking ammo) can we put in the bag that the bottom and handles/straps would support?