Yukon Outfitters Extreme Weather Car Kit

Some helpful comments from Yukon Outfitters from a previous offer

It is $10.00 cheaper than previous offering (Which was dropped $10.00 from original price during the sale)

Sale in February

I had a kit. I used it. Someone stopped, stole my triangle sign I placed upstream of my vehicle, and sped off.

Specs list jumper cables as 8 gauge and don’t mention if the wire is copper or aluminum. 8 gauge is pretty small (about 1/8 inch diameter)for jumper cables and if they are aluminum, thats even worse. They would probably work when your battery is just weak but, if its really dead- no. 300 amps is also very optimistic for 8 gauge cables.

I would say that this is a good kit to have but it is hardly Extreme Weather. If you live where extreme weather is necessary you already have good gloves, a much better ice scraper and hopefully a shovel (maybe sand or gravel bags), a set of jumpers, some sort of plank for traction, a towing strap, a proper jack, foul weather gear (rain and snow) a blanket, jumpers (perhaps one of those jumper/ batter units with a built in compressor, spare fuel (stabilized), a flashlight or lantern and a good tool box. (That is my winter loadout anyway, it goes in two heavy plastic bins (oh and I keep some axle stands in there too with an axe and a hammer.) For those who live where it gets truly cold this is not enough, if you live in a city or in a more warm location this pack will do you well.

Well that’s EXTRA shytie! People suck.