Yukon Outfitters Gun Cases, Racks & More

Why would the handles be situated relative to the underside of the rifle? This means that when you set the bag down, the scope is the first thing to make contact with the ground. That’s a fine recipe for pretty much never hitting your mark. I don’t get the logic. Looks like a nice soft case otherwise.

I’ve never really heard much about Yukon Outfitters before, and I found out why. While the name sounds like something that has probably been around for eons, it’s actually a rather new company. According to their facebook page, they were founded just 5 months ago in March 2013.

The more you know…

Edit: I stand corrected. As pointed out below, it seems the company has been around for a while. It’s just their facebook page that’s new.

How sturdy are the scabbards? Do they hold their shape or can they be crushed or folded?

if you’re talking about the “Scoped Rifle Case,” I believe it works better for AR type rifles. I have a similar case, though a bit smaller, that I occasionally use for mine and it fits better with the scope along the crease.

I was curious about the Scabbard as well. Did a google search and came up with this video. Looks like a good product but way to much velcro on it.


Dear Nogginjones, The scoped rifle case is purpose built and was designed with the M4 platform in mind. The M4 and other AR variants will fit in this bag scope up, or along the top padded ridge where the handles are. This allows for quick access when the rifle is at the range, on a tailgate or table. This bag will also work as a drag bag in a pinch and with the reverse mounted handles the bag can be mounted in an ATV, side by side or truck / hunting jeep and straps won’t get in your way when retrieving the rifle from the bag.

Upon first looks, the design seems counter intuitive. However, a closer look will show the beauty in the details.

Unlike your stereotypical gun case, we put a little more thought into the ergonomics of this bag.

The weapon is mounted with the scope at the top of the case, where it is always protected.

The sloped design of the bottom allows the cases to be stacked side by side with the handle always up.

This allow the case to rest at a 20 to 40 degree angle depending upon the weapon being protected.

The case can then be retrieved using the handle or by grabbing the butt end of the case and pulling it out of the side by side stack.

The case is zippered on the bottom for ergonomics. Now when you set your case down on the table, tailgate or wherever, the top of the case folds away from you, not into your body like all the other cases on the market.

Breaking traditional molds and thinking outside the box. Yukon Tactical.

Hi Bandrik,

Yes it’s true, our FB page is only 5 months old but we’ve been building killer OEM product for other major brands for over 13 years. YT itself has been in development for over 2 years now and every product is designed with the hunter and outdoorsman in mind and will be at home in field ops, or the family hunting trip Thanks for checking us out!

Hi FeeJswoot,

You CAN NOT fold these scabbards, They will hold their shape thus protecting your investment while in your car or truck. The Rifle Scabbard has an adjustable strap at the bottom to accommodate various barrel lengths …specifically in the M4 platform.

We have guys who regularly store bull barrel M4’s with scopes in these scabbards that will still keyhole a target at 250+ yards down range. Our in house 450 marlin fits perfectly in the shot / range gun scabbard and this is an investment quality piece.

Please let us know if you need any more info on our scabbards… pics… vids… you name it. Thanks for looking!


You are correct… these were designed with M4 platforrms in mind… we just added double stack mag pouches on the outside so you won’t be longing for more rounds at that range…

Hi Wall-Man,

There is a reason to our velcro madness.
With a simple male piece or sheet of velcro you can…

  1. Wall mount this case with rifle in a gun room or large gun safe.
  2. Securely mount this case on an ATV, side by side, hunting jeep or truck
  3. Secure this case with rifle to your drag bag or vehicular mounted range systems.

We like option 2 best as this case works like a charm for securing your weapon while having it readily available when hunting hogs.

What is the range of circumference for the cartridge belt? (as in what waist sizes for wearing it as a belt?)

Specs show as:
Dimensions: 44" H x 5" W x 1" L

My guess is that it should handle waist sizes down to maybe 32". Certainly not a “one size fits all”, since the rather rotund body shape, with a waist size of over 44", will be SOL.

Hi Jorahood1,

The range belt will fit waist sizes from 31" to 56" and weighs 2.52 lbs when fully loaded with 12 gauge bird shot and a smart phone in the pouch.

Thank you for checking out the product!

Thanks for the info! I wanted to get one for myself and another as a gift, but needed to know the max size.

44" High 1" Long… Really LOL :slight_smile:

Are the backpacks/bags completely waterproof?

The next time you guys do product shots you should include the firearms. Like maybe show a shotgun in the shotgun scabbard. Nobody interested in buying this stuff will be offended, and it will answer a lot of questions before they’re asked.

Love that somebody from the company is answering questions!

I was on the fence about the overwatch bag, but I like to see folks get behind their products, not afraid to face the proverbial firing line of questions.

In for one-- it might just become my new coaching bag, or smaller bug-out bag.

Really liking the bug out bag, but wondering how tough the hardware is on that guy. It looks like it would make for a great range bag, but I have had similar form factor bags in the past break at the strap points due to cheap plastic attach points. I can’t tell from the pictures what material and quality they are.