Yukon Outfitters Hammock, 2 Choices

**Item: **Yukon Outfitters Hammock, 2 Choices
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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I missed out on this last time. I’m NOT missing out on the mosquito netted one again.

Check out the product page for the double travel hammock

Here are a couple of good reviews for the double hammock

Video review from a wooter

Here we go again with the “double” but yet single hammocks.

Could at least change it up once in a while and actually have a double hammock that can hold two people.

I took the mosquito net hammock with me to Yosemite last week, and it was great. Note that you’ll want some kind of suspension straps (I use Eno Atlas straps, which cost more than the hammock, but are worth it IMHO). Add a couple lightweight carabiners, and you’ve got a great tent replacement.

Do the bears just think you’re a burrito when you use this?


I ordered one of each of these the last time they were offered the week before last. The double shipped right away, but there’s still no sign of the one with the bug net even after contacting support twice. If you’re getting one you’d better not need it anytime soon.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding the straps!

Why is the weight rating differnt between the two sent they the same - the netting?

The one without the net has larger dimensions, hence the difference in weight rating. Hope that helps!

Anyone know what kind of hardware the net one comes with? Looking to have this in my balcony, would that be possible?

You’re better off just buying 1" or 2" webbing from your local hardware store on the cheap and tying off loops in the ends.

You could also buy yourself some whoopie slings to replace the suspension and tie in some Marlin Spike Hitches on either side to the straps.

If you want this to be a full-on shelter, you’re also going to want a tarp and either an underquilt or a pad that will insulate your underside in colder weather. A sleeping bag will not help.

Want to learn more about hammocks camping? Check out http://reddit.com/r/Hammocks and HammockForums.net

I camp in my hammock all the time and it’s WAY better than tent camping. I always sleep well and never have to worry about the ground being an untenable place to camp.

I have the double and it included no hardware beyond the pre-knotted ropes at each end of the hammock. I picked up two lightweight 500 lb capacity carabiners and a set of Python straps from Amazon, and have enjoyed the hammock while camping, at a friend’s lakehouse, and in the backyard! I’d guess the netted hammock comes with the same lack of hardware. Just be sure to get high quality poly-blend straps (if getting tree straps) rather than straight nylon (which stretch over time).

The best “double hammock” I ever used was a canvas U.S. Navy hammock. Super comfy and strong.

WTF! I always miss the bug net hammock. Damn. Get more in please Woot!

I feel like I’ve seen this on here like 4 or 5 times in the last 2 months.

We need more of those mosquitoes hammocks… please!!!