Yukon Outfitters Hammock, 2 Choices

**Item: **Yukon Outfitters Hammock, 2 Choices
Price: $24.99
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some additional info on the double hammock can be found on the product page

Let’s watch a video review on the double hammock [youtube=GZYgmx8GvLM][/youtube]

You leave your bacon in the little bag on the side of the hammock while you are sleeping.

It’s smart that they located it outside the mosquito net because many dangerous forest dwelling creatures might tear through the netting to eat your bacon.

Safety first!

Not durable … two failure points.

I bought this last go-round on Woot and really enjoyed it for about 3 weeks. My mistake was leaving it set up in the yard. The attachment points at the net-top tore free. The attachments are “netting attached to netting” with no reinforcement of any kind. They won’t last no matter what you do.

The bigger surprise was when the rope “rigging” started “sawing” thru the hammock itself. Swinging back and forth in the wind was too much for this hammock. I’d avoid, or use only occasionally.

Discussion from previous sale:

I got the double. I’ve used it once, and have no complaints.

These comments certainly helped me make my decision…stay far away from buying this


We highly recommend taking down your hammock after each use. Weather will deteriorate the material and ruin your hammock. We welcome any and all concerns to our customer service dept. Please let UA know if we can help further. Customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com


I got one with the netting last time, and tried it out this weekend. I liked it except that the bungee cord provided for the netting is too short to be able to string it out to the sides as the picture shows. And the directions for how you’re supposed to do it make no sense. But, most of these hammocks take a little tweaking to get right, so I may pick up some more stretchy cord and see what I can do. Also, you’re going to need something to go around the trees, like tree huggers; mine came with just hooks at the end, no cord or straps for the trees. These lightweight hammocks are not meant to be permanently installed, so I wouldn’t expect it to hold up for long stretches outdoors. But it was comfortable enough for me to fall asleep in for a few hours while testing!

Got the bug-net version, and can say it is a pretty good deal once you replace the suspension. You will need to buy a bunch more stretchy cord for the netting unless you want the bug net to touch your face and let the mosquitoes get a bite of you. The net rigging is not explained, so think about an oval wrapped around 2 trees with the netting tabs 2 on each side. I have a double hammock from another company and dislike the way it will wrap you like a hot tamale in a layer of non-breathing nylon.

How does this do in rainy weather? Does it come with any kind of rain fly? Can a rain fly be attached?

Interested to use this in place of a tent on +30 mile hikes.

Well, this settles it. Amazon no longer gives Quality Post credit for QUALITY posts, just for shills to help sell more crap. :frowning:

I really liked these hammocks until last weekend, when I used the mosquito net one in Houston. Thank God it wasn’t Malaria Country! The netting kept out the mosquitoes just fine, but they bit the HELL out of my back, right through the nylon hammock! People who saw me from behind thought I had chickenpox or measles, it was that bad.

The proper way to mosquito net a hammock is to completely SURROUND the hammock in a net “cocoon”. That, obviously, requires more material, more skill in rigging, and isn’t going to work well for a casual hammock hanger’s budget or skill.

If you are serious about hammock camping, you want a Hennessy: http://hennessyhammock.com/

If you are not serious, don’t hang where there are mosquitoes, or build a mosquito netted gazebo around your hammock, and just grab the double offered here. And don’t leave it hanging up outside! The cheap nylon will probably last a few years of casual use, but will deteriorate fast out in the weather, risking harm to the occupant(s).

Another note on the mosquito net hammock here, it is very short, so if you are more than about 69" long you won’t fit comfortably, but the near-worthless netting adds so much bulk that this version packs down to a larger size than the double (and feels heavier to me–but that could also be due to the extra rigging needed).

No rain fly. These are cheap nylon hammocks, no frills–hell, no rigging even and just S hooks (I guess we should be glad for that ;-P).

But you can rig your own rain fly with a small tarp and some parachord–or even use your tent as your rain fly, then if the hammock fails, you have your tent as backup. Be sure to test everything out before going camping.

I consider these Yukon Outfitters hammocks sufficient for backyard naps, but I’d be nervous depending on them for anything where failure would leave me in dire straits.

Thanks. Looks like I will pass. Maybe someday woot will get some real camping gear that is actually useful. Of course…if we still had $5 all day shipping I might go ahead and impulse buy a couple items…

fyi, Quality Post criteria are the same as ever. vendor posts containing recommendations or information are always highlighted. (if that’s what you mean.)

if you mean the fact that a post containing a negative review didn’t necessarily earn a spotlight in this sale, i’m afraid sometimes not every post of every sentiment gets a place in the limelight.

now then.
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