Yukon Outfitters Hammock - 2 Choices

Yukon Outfitters Hammock - 2 Choices
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Yukon Outfitters Hammock With or Without Net
Price: $19.99 - 24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, Dec 16 to Wednesday, Dec 18)
Condition: New


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Looking at the thumbnail on my tablet: I thought this was a upside-down tent sale.

Wish they’d make a taller version of these.

No need, to make it taller just suspend it higher up on the trees or posts you are using :slight_smile:

If these are coming from YUKON Outfitters, why no shipping to Alaska? They are already up there, closer to Alaska than the lower 48.

I’m 6’4" and just a few pounds shy of 300. The double hammock is plenty big for me. I can slide up or down at least a foot in the hammock to change positions when I want to.

And I’m a new convert to hammock camping - it’s extremely comfortable.

My two sons (ages 9 & 11) have the net version that I bought in June - they haven’t tried those out yet.

No, you don’t end up sleeping shaped like a banana - nor do you pull the ends of the hammock tight between trees so that it’s flat before you lay in it. The trick is to lay on a slight diagonal across the hammock - your body ends up lying flat.

For all sorts of good information on how to hang your hammock and how to get comfortable, check out http://theultimatehang.com/hammock-camping-101/

and then you might migrate to https://hammockforums.net/

I have the one with the mosquito net, and it’s awesome for sleeping in, it really keeps the bugs out.

It also manages to keep the breeze out. So if you just want to hang out and enjoy a beautiful day or evening, looking at the sky, don’t get the mosquito net one. It will be stuffy inside there, your view will be impeded by the net, and it’s more difficult to use your hammock as a place to sit, rather than lay.

These hammocks are tougher and heavier than an ENO, and will take up more room in your pack.

I like mine. It holds me up off the ground. Came with excellent, pre-knotted cords for wrapping around trees and whatnot.

I bought one of these (double w/o net) when they were on here a couple weeks ago. Have been sleeping in it full time since it arrived, very comfortable. Nice hammock especially for the price and now I can reserve my ENO for camping.

To figure out how to properly hang - http://theultimatehang.com/hammock-hang-calculator.html

If you don’t want to use the net, just flip the hammock over…

I’ll take my nobel prize whenever it’s convenient for the association

I bought this for my Boyfriend’s birthday…He loved it! It’s such a good deal I’m going to buy another one for myself…

I have two of the non-net models (from Woot!) that I have used on a few 40-100 mile backpacking trips on the Appalachian Trail. Quality is damn good for the price and the weight is nice as well. Definitely recommended. Remember to get some insulation for your back if you plan on using a hammock to camp when it’s below 50F or so.

I want to purchase these but I can’t get woot to add anything to my cart. There is no phone number for woot and of course no one has answered my email. This deal won’t be good by the time they get back to me. Please help!

I’m sorry, you might want to try another browser or device, but we are working on a fix.

If you could, could you give me more information about what you’re using to try to add it to your cart?
Exactly what’s happening (can’t click “I want one”; can’t click “Add to Cart”; can’t click “Place Your Order,” etc)

Same thing happens to me if I use MSN’s browser so I switch to Internet Explorer & it’s fine.

I’ve got one of the double hammocks (non-net). It won’t be replacing my warbonnet for camping, but it provides a nice spot for relaxing when car camping.

Same issue, tried all three of my browsers to no avail, just send them an email and pray to the noodley master it resolves itself in time…