Yukon Outfitters Hammock - 2 Choices

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Yukon Outfitters Hammock - 2 Choices
Price: $19.99 - 24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Jan 10 to Wednesday, Jan 15) + transit
Condition: New


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Good guide on Hammock Camping

Atlas straps and two carabiners should round out your hammock setup for super easy setup and take down.

for $5 you can get a pair of cheap poly straps w/hooks from harbor freight. I went with those for my kit (I have an ENO double nest with net) and am pretty happy with it. My buddy has the atlas straps and they aren’t large enough to reach around large trees. The big strap/tiedowns from harbor freight were able to get me around a massive tree.

Also, a tarp, paracord (for sturdier ridgeline) and some cheap tent stakes are a must for the rainy seasons. I was able to sleep through a very storm night under my tarp while comfortably in my hammock.

Note on straps: Stick with poly straps, as nylon straps stretch… which is not cool if you’re sleeping in it :wink:

I bought these not long ago and gave them to my boys for Christmas. My son just got back from a scout outing and he LOVED it … along with all the other scouts. We followed another poster’s advice about the atlas straps … great advice ! My son had it up and back down so quick and was able to hang it between a tree and a post, that were pretty far away. It’s easy to wrap an extra sleeping bag around the bottom in the cold, to keep it extra warm inside. The only problem he had was not waking up completely before trying to get out and he did a faceplant on the ground but he’s 13 and he survived the embarrassment .

I bought the double hammock a while back and love it. It works in my normal hammock stand or in between a couple of trees with ratchet straps. Very comfy, I have taken a few naps after yard work in this. Also very packable in the attached bag, so it’s easy to throw in the car and take anywhere.

I’d like the size of the double but I’ve been enjoying the bug net.

When there aren’t bugs around you can reverse it and use the bug net to help keep insulation in place underneath you so you can sleep warmer.

Darn you woot, why couldn’t you have posted this 1-2 days ago. LOL My hammock just shipped from Amazon yesterday.

Bought the bug net version and like it. It’s slightly smaller than the double model, but big enough for me at 5’10" 170#. Very comfy, and the quality matches hammocks more than double the price.

First time I used it I strung the line for the net too high and tight and wound up ripping the support tabs. Yukon graciously replaced it for free. Good gear, great customer service.

I bought some of these last go around. I love mine a lot and they are well worth the money to get you into hammock camping.

For a cheap solution the harbor freight/home depot/etc ratchet straps work fine.

However, if you are going for an ultralite setup I cannot speak highly enough about the whoopie sling design. Mine now have custom made whoopie slings, adjustable structural ridgelines, tree huggers with toggles, and I am using a HQ ISSUE 8.5’X8.5’ Tarp found on Amazon for cover.

Love my hammocks!

What size trees are you trying to hang from? Redwoods?


Have to wonder, they’re 9 ft, so they fit around just short of a 3’ wide tree, 5 ft wide if you buy the $10 extenders. For my money I would buy 100’ of hollow core nylon rope for $8 at Lowes or pony up for some Amsteel and learn how to use a fish to make your own whoopie sling on youtube. Its cheap, you learn something EXTREMELY useful (you find you want to make all kinds of slings after you see how easy it is), and you make the sling any length YOU want. The nylon works for a while and I would recommend you learn the technique using the nylon before you do it with the more expensive Amsteel Blue, but the Amsteel is lighter, smaller, and yet 20x stronger than the nylon, and more abrasion resistant.