Yukon Outfitters Hammock - 3 Choices

Yukon Outfitters Hammock - 3 Choices
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Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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**Item: **Yukon Outfitters Hammock - 3 Choices
Price: $19.99 - $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New
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Three choices? I see two.

Be sure to pick up some Atlas straps too- makes set up super quick and easy.

Double hammock holds 300 pounds… Gonna have to find a real thin woman for me to make this work!

I’ve always wanted to sleep in a hammock, without bugs bothering me… in the winter. XD

That said, it’s still pretty cool if you see yourself using it this spring/summer.

I was kinda expecting a pre-Christmas woot-off at this point. Is that not happening this year?

There are two different hammocks in today’s offer, one particular hammock has two color options (making it 3 choices)

Thanks for your inquiry.

Ahhh, sneaky. Thanks for the clarification!

Check out this video for the Double Hammock [youtube=GZYgmx8GvLM][/youtube]

We bought the Yukon double from woot about a year ago and set it up for our 6 year old. He’s been sleeping in it pretty much nightly since then. The bag attached to the side came off pretty early and I changed out the included hooks for threaded chain repair links. It is holding up well.

The hammock’s mosquito net is integrated into the design for ease of use, and serves dual duty. When setup as product photos illustrate, it will help keep little critters away so you can stay comfortable outdoors. If the coast is clear and you don’t need the mosquito netting, just flip the hammock over and use as a normal hammock. Hope this helps.

I got to FINALLY use my hammock setup for the first time last month.

It was 40* out and all I slept in was my thermal sleeping bag, jeans/tshirt w/sweatpants/shirt over the top and my pillow. I have a net too.

Absolutely excellent experience! I can’t wait to do it again in a few weeks!

On that note, there is no replacement for a GOOD hammock. Notice I said GOOD. Today’s woot I would consider a “starter” or a “lets see if I like this before investing in a good one” type of hammock.

I would HIGHLY recommend skipping the use of the ropes it comes with (many parks ban rope use in trees, it also destroys the tree bark) and go down to your local Harbor Freight or other tool store and buy some el-cheapo Poly ratchet straps. Nylon straps stretch, don’t bother with any of the various hammock maker’s strap system. The cheap multi-pack of ratchet straps do the job better than any of them.

Before investing in a hammock, I’d advise browsing around on hammockforums. I had no idea there was an entire forum for this until I was looking at buying one of these on a previous woot. I decided to just skip it and go all in with a higher end hammock myself after all the reading I did. It’s not THAT much more of an investment over the lifetime of the hammock to do so if you really get into it.

But these guys KNOW their stuff, have lots of reviews on everything, go browse their forum and search for “yukon outfitters woot” and you will see MANY people that bought this hammock, their thoughts, modifications, how it lasted, etc.

You can also learn all about angles, ridgelines, suspension systems, how to tarp, how to bugnet, etc. I had NO IDEA there was such a technical group about such a simple thing as a hammock LOL. But browsing that site saved me a LOT Of time and hassle in trying things.

I took a lot of advise I found for first timers on there and my first experience went flawless.

Good luck! I will NOT be tent camping in the foreseeable future as I am now hooked on hammock camping!

Would someone around 6’4" 230lbs fit in one of these? Would I need the double or would the single do?

One of Yukon Outfitters’ founders is 6’4" 240lbs (cough, cough) and uses the double hammock series with room to spare. Go for the double, and enjoy the hang.

I’d definitely go double. Not necessarily for weight, but just for the size. The smaller hammocks are just not as comfortable.

I bought one of these hammocks back when woot first offered them last year, and all they were offering was the double. I’m about 6’1" and at the time I was 275, so you’ll definitely be good on the weight. I’d imagine you’d be good on the length too, but that’s very much a personal preference. Be aware, the length included in the specs includes the lengths of rope off either end. The actual hammock is closer to 10’ or 10’6" (I forget which).

That said, I also junked the included hooks and rope suspension system the minute I opened the package. I replaced that system with whoopie slings (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXlwPKoKw9Q), tree straps, and toggles (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7NZVqpBUV0)

Almost a year later the hammock is still going strong. I’ve used this hammock for ~10 nights camping, and dozens more just hanging out at the park on sunny afternoons.

Hang your own hang, and don’t forget to lay on the diagonal!

Does this Yukon Outfitters Hammock with Mosquito Net come with ropes or straps to connect to a tree, post, etc.?