Yukon Outfitters Hammock Rainfly

From the Hammock Forum group:

  • “Not bad for a under $30 tarp but not great. You will need to replace the cheap aluminum stakes with something stronger. The tie out cord is ok but I would replace it with Zing It or Lash It once the current cord wears out. I would consider this a fair weather tarp as it is not going to provide much protection during a heavy rain storm. The reflective tracers in the cord did not reflect the light when I shined a flashlight on the cord in a dark room at night.”

  • “I also found that the tarp is too big to stuff back into the factory stuff sack. I can only get about 2/3 of the tarp back into the sack.”

  • “While not an excellent tarp, for under $30 I think its a great tarp especially if you are starting out and or need something for the kids.”

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Ill have to disagree a little bit with that review. Yes about the stakes. I think the cord that comes with it its fine, but im not picky. Its actually a pretty tough little tarp! I find myself tying the ends down to roots or large rocks before I use the stakes, but it holds up in a decent amount of wind too! Definitely a good value here!

I have used this tarp on many hiking trips and many many nights of hanging in the hammock.
It has kept me dry in heavy rain storms, yes even with wind. On those nights I hang it close to the hammock.

After 1 year of use, still holding up great. And it all folds up nice and neat into the provided stuff sack just fine.

No better value for the price.

Question for hammock users; would the fly be better than a Harbor Freight tarp my son & his cousin (16-18) have been using? He doesn’t hike it in or anything, they just prefer to sleep in the hammocks while we stay in the RV. We are in Wisconsin’s north woods so there is always chance of rain. As long as your reading this; do you think the sleeping bag is worthwhile? Thanks. I’m going to post in the regular hammock comments too, the kids seem to really like setting em up and using.