Yukon Outfitters Hammocks - 2 Choices

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Yukon Outfitters Hammocks - 2 Choices
Price: $19.99 - 24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $12 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day
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Good guide on Hammock Camping

Time to learn all about Yukon Outfitters and let’ check out the product page for the double hammock and the double hammock with mosquito net

Wish Woot would get a double hammock that could actually holds 2 adults, 300lb, not meant for 2

I got this hammock in my last boc. wonderful for packing in the car and easily set up to my hitch and a tree. awesome lil kit.

My boys love these for Boy Scout outings. I read on here , when I bought mine, to get atlas straps for hanging the hammock and they’re up in less than 3 minutes , without damaging the trees. I bought one for my grown son to take when he goes camping by motorcycle. Easy to slip a sleeping bag under it to keep warm from cool breezes.

These hammocks are decent enough, but Yukon/Woot misrepresents the hammock length. Woot includes the ropes in their measurement, which is not how you measure hammock length. The actual length of the double is 115 inches (9 1/2 feet), and the mosquito netted one is much shorter. The netted hammock is too short and narrow for most adult men to comfortably lay on an angle. Laying on a diagonal is the trick to laying flat in gathered end hammocks, so length and width are extremely important. The double is very comfy though, and makes a nice backyard hammock. The suspension that comes with these are total garbage and should be thrown away upon opening. Tree straps are a good way to go, and atlas straps are not bad, but I would suggest spending less money for better straps from strapworks.com (or any hammock vendor) and get a pair of decent cinch buckles or descender rings (or whoopie slings if you really want to do it right).
Overall, this is a good deal, despite the utter lie about length


Does sleeping in this hammock make you sweaty? I picture parachute nylon not breathing very much and causing you to get clammy and sweaty on summer day.

I use harbor freight cheap poly straps. Poly straps don’t stretch like nylon. The atlas straps are poly, but really expensive for just throwing together a cheap kit. I’ve got the ENO hammocks, of which they also make the atlas straps, but I went with the cheap harbor freight straps and have no regrets. They’re like $5 for two and WAY longer than the ENO atlas straps, plus have two large hooks and the little locking buckle thing for making exacting lengths.

You would be surprised how much these will cool you. Even on a warmer summer night I was chilly when out camping in it. I had to put on my jeans and a jacket (I didn’t bring my sleeping bag). Everywhere that touched the hammock was actually chilly!

Even if you don’t want a heavy sleeping bag in it, bring one anyway and just leave it open, or bring a couple of quilts to sleep on top of.

If you’re just out hanging in the breeze in the daytime though, it’s perfectly comfy, no sweating.

I disagree with this. I’m 6’2" tall and have slept comfortably in the netted hammock. For $25, this is a great entry point for hammock camping IMHO. Just keep in mind that without a top / bottom quilt or sleeping bag, this is intended for warmer conditions.

The netting is great, it all attaches and rolls up with the hammock. So it is a snap to deploy.

The Mother Ship has a TexSport hammock starting at $19.99 with (free) Prime shipping. The hammock can hold up to 300 pounds and has a 4.5 star rating with 319 reviews. Nice colors, too.

Both Amazon and Lowe’s have lots of competitively priced choices with better colors for about the same price. JMHO.

This is NOT for two people to use at one, the double hammock refers to the width. With a wider hammock you can lay at a diagonal angle, and be flat! Plus having two people in a hammock beyond “recreation” is amazingly uncomfortable!

It causes an amazing night sleep! Used one of these with a home made mosquito net for a week in the Boundary Waters and LOVED IT!


Glad you found us! However, the hammock you linked to is a completely different kind of hammock with different applications and uses. The hammocks we are offering on today’s deal are made of lightweight parachute nylon, with an integrated stuff sack for portability. These features make our hammocks ideal for camping and travel. The hammock you linked to is a cotton hammock designed to stay in the backyard. Nothing wrong with that, but we’re not really comparing apples to apples here.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our hammocks and how they can be used.


Yukon Outfitters

This was the last decent purchase I made on Woot! Atlas straps are the way to go.

WOOT! I hate how you keep putting things I want (but typically missed on the first go-round) on here for me to buy! JK…love you Woot!
Have read numerous reviews, watched videos, researched, etc…and agree that these are perfect for entry-level casual campers in warmer climes, or for summer camping. Plan on getting some better hangers (tree straps), but am excited to see these here again. I’m in for one of each!

I was just reminiscing with a friend about hammocks and here’s one right here for me to purchase. Thank you, woot!

I too got one of these in a bag of crap around a year ago, the double not the net one, but I haven’t found much use for it. It seems like I can readily find one solid object to affix an end to, but then there’s nothing close enough to attach the other end to. I only have one tree in my yard and I don’t camp or feel like driving to a public park just to hang in my hammock. Plus I don’t have these “straps” people keep talking about… Anyway it seems like a nice hammock (though I truly know nothing about hammocks) and it seems sturdy enough to hold me if I were ever able to find a way to hang it (and I’m 6’3" and 275+ lbs so that’s saying something). I’ve taken to removing the rope attachments and using it as a blanket for laying on or under or things like picnics and it works well for that…