Yukon Outfitters Hammocks - 2 Choices

I use your double hammock camping and find it VERRRRRY comfortable, but I have noticed that your stats do not actually reflect the HAMMOCK length. Since you mentioned that these are designed for camping, I was wondering if this stat is something you will change to be more accurate, as length is crucial for a comfortable lay.
Also, is there any chance you will make a larger, netted hammock? I would buy that in a heartbeat!!! While I’m on it, I would love to know if Yukon has any plans to make tarps in the future to go along with your wonderful and affordable hammock?

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Glad to hear you are liking the hammock! About the stats… We understand the length of 11’6" that is shown can be misleading because it includes the ropes as well. When just measuring the nylon, you have a usable length of 9’6"

We will be sure to make this more clear in the future. And yes, our rain fly will be available this summer!


Yukon Outfitters

I was most interested in the answer to whether a larger netted hammock is in the works (and a lot of others probably are as well). Maybe you guys missed that one. Thanks

What are the folded dimensions of the two products?

check this out:
you may need to register to see the pictures. There are a lot of posts in the thread. But it is a very simple design, easy to build, and inexpensive. basically it is a 10’ section of chain link fence top rail, 6 8’ 2x2 boards, 2 hinges, 2 shackles, some chain or heavy duty line (amsteel is great)

There are variations that make it more portable, such as using conduit.

We made the Mosquito Hammock a little smaller to keep the weight down, as it has more material with it. However, we do recognize the need for a larger version, and plan to meet that need in future development.

Thanks again for all the great the feedback, we thrive on it!

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While folded into the integrated stuff sack, each hammock is about 8.5" tall, 7" wide, and 2.5" deep. These dimensions will vary slightly depending on how tightly the hammock is rolled into the stuff sack.

Hope this helps,

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Thank you for answering these questions. Since you are here today, I had a question about your Yukon Hiking Poles. You say they weigh less than 13 oz.
Is that weight for the pair, or per pole?
I know this question isn’t hammock related, but I tried contacting your website about this about 2 weeks ago, but still haven’t heard back.

Cool, I’ll look into that. Could be a fun DIY project this summer. Thanks!

Any chance on the netted one being discounted again in the future?

I’ve seen these up a few times. Keep an eye out!

Awesome, hopefully the larger sizes with mosquito nets will be out soon. I’m 6’4", so I’d really like the double…but I live in Florida, so camping means bad mosquitoes about 9 months out of the year. Looking forward to a version with a rain fly, too, for obvious reasons. It’s a jungle down here!

You can just pitch a nylon or silnylon tarp over it, which is often what the rain flys of other tents are too. Plus, you can always make custom netting to put on the hammock too, which is what I am planning to do.

That’s what I did. I used these instructions
I hope they do make a larger bug net hammock, but I’m not holding my breath. Let’s hope I’m wrong though