Yukon Outfitters Hammocks (5 Colors)

We’ve got two of these hammocks and (with a few caveats) they’re pretty darn good for what they are.

That said… if you intend to take them hiking, you’re gonna want to get rid of the heavy metal shackles, and also probably the rope they use at the ends. I’m told Amsteel is a good replacement rope and the shackles can be swapped for any climbing carabiner.

The elastic cord retainers for the mosquito netting are, basically, useless. I had nothing but trouble with them and finally resorted to just tying them to the various tree branches. You’d probably be better served with some paracord or something similar.

The nylon on this is THIN. Plan to treat it with some kind of bug repellent, especially if you’re in an area with a lot of mosquitos, because they will go right through it.

You’ll also want to budget in the cost of the rain fly if you’re camping AND some hammock straps. If you’re just chilling in the yard, your basic cheap set of ratchet straps from wally world will do you, though.

All told, though… they’re a comfortable hammock and light enough to throw in your pack for a day hike or something.

I really wanted to like this bc I like a lot of the other Yukon Outfitters stuff I have, but this thing was trouble from the beginning. The stuff sack came with a small tear in it that got bigger and bigger to the point it’s not usable. Also, where the net meets the hammock ripped a tiny bit from getting caught in the zipper. From then on, every time I would get into the hammock, it would rip even more. Ended up just giving it away to a buddy

Thanks for posting your feedback! We hate that you got a dud! If you want, please feel free to contact us at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com so that we can get you or your buddy in a new replacement hammock.

Thanks again!

I’ve had zero issues so far in the 5 nights that I’ve slept in this thing. I love it. I just wish the rainfly would show up on Woot for more than 10 minutes before selling out.

I LOVE mine. Discussing with the wife about buying a second one. It’s so soft. I wish they held more weight… 400# would be good and safe for two not small adults. Now, my 6yo son and I sit comfortably (as can be with a 6yo) in it. We have it mounted between two trees ~10ft apart under our treehouse. I think it would be better if the mounts were a good foot apart more, but it works just fine.
The mesh is so important - mosquitoes are just vile creatures. I read about getting stung through the nylon, but I’ve not had too much trouble. I don’t think mosquitoes fly upside down, so the stinging would come from the sides. I’m in Vermont, yet don’t think they’ve gotten me once while in it. I know they hang out around it though.
You’ll need to get your own mount system though. I just bought webbing from Amazon. Two 25" diameter trees, I mad a knotted loop from about 82 inches of the webbing for each tree and didn’t need additional hardware.

For years, the hardest part of camping was the back pain in the morning. Until I ordered a hammock from woot!
Hallelujah! Now I sleep like a baby. And it’s way lighter and more compact than even the smallest backpacking tent and pad.
Sure, the elastics that hold up the net are crap, and a rain fly is a must-have, but it’s totally worth it.