Yukon Outfitters Hammocks (5 Colors)

Is the mosquito net removable?

Does it come with the straps to hang them?

It isn’t removable; if you don’t need it you flip the hammock over so it’s on the bottom.

I bought a few of these before from Woot. They came with thin bungee-type ropes that hold up the misquito netting, but they did not come with the strong ropes/straps to hold up the hammock itself.

Nope it is not and it is extremely fragile and tears rather easy.

By nature, no-see-um netting can be susceptible to tears, especially if sharp objects come in contact with it. If you had a hammock tear on ya, please contact us and we’d love to get you fixed up with a repair or replacement.


My son and I use these and they are pretty much awesome for the price. I’ve used it both ways, with the netting and without and if you think you will use it much without, get one without as that is when I’ve torn the netting. You set it up upside down then you sit in it and it naturally sags down and you snag the netting on a low stick.
They include the end ropes, and 2 steel ovals that are quite heavy (replaced mine with small aluminum biners) and the bungee to support the netting. I also use a couple cross bars to spread out the netting, they are made from old fishing poles.
The hammock tarp is good too, though a little small, again a great price.

Hey yukon? any options for shipping to Canada?

No but an inexpensive poly rope from harbor freight works nquite well…

I’ve bought the yukon double hammock and the netted hammock from woot over the past 2 or 3 years. The standard hammock has been a staple on motorcycle trips and camping trips, absolutely fantastic product. I bought two netted versions for the wife and I while we went RVing recently. Both nets pulled and ripped on the very first nap. We were very unhappy and surprised. Absolutely recommend the standard hammock but stay away from the mosquito hammock.

I’m very happy with the quality of the hammock, I received it a couple of days ago. The only issue is the package did not have the shock cord for the netting. I understand that this happens every so often in production, how do I get the cord I need.