Yukon Outfitters Hammocks

Any chance of these getting shipped to Canada?

Anyone have any experience with the mosquito net version of the hammock? I’ve got the double, used it camping a couple times and really like it, but would like a bug net too without having to purchase one separately.

I’ve read that the net version tends to feel a little snug for taller hangers, but don’t have firsthand experience with it.

Unfortunately, we’re only able to ship shirts internationally at this time.

I bought the netted version when it came around the last time on woot, I haven’t been able to use it much so far, but it’s pretty dang comfy and I’m 6’2" and a little…shall we say…hefty…

I was hoping they would have the tarp up for sale again as it sold out before I could get it before…but no luck :frowning:

Good to hear - thanks!

I bought one of these (the netted version) awhile back and it’s a great hammock. In fact I just used it 2 weeks ago and it was around 30F at night.

In the cold, I recommend using some kind of inflatable pad. That air gap under the hammock really shows without it.

You’ll need some tree straps and a tarp, but those are easy to find.

I’m 5’10" but there is plenty more room. Great for backpacking trips because of the size.

Is there ANY way to get a notice when double hammocks go on sale? EVERY frickin’ time there sold out and I have to hear about people buying 6 at a time… Let others get in on it jerks.

Please again!