Yukon Outfitters Marine Line Dry Bags

Ok, how does this work?

The specs say it’s “600D Camo Polyester,” but the picture shows it to be a regular tan color. Which is it?

(For the record, I’m not interested in a tacky camouflage pattern.)


Sorry for the confusion there! The Lowcountry comes in a dark olive drab. Stealthy and discreet in coloring, but not a patterned camo.

What material and thickness are the torrent bags made of? Are they rated to be submerged? Or is it more to repel rain?

For having a name like “Bighorn”, I would expect it to be a little bigger in size… No pun intended, but 18 inches does not seem very long for a duffle bag.

By that logic the “Lowcountry” duffel is not nearly shallow enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Also didn’t you guys get enough of my damn money yesterday?! The dry bags look awesome. At some point I’m just going to have to beg for a job to get some kind of employee discount if you keep coming out with these great products :stuck_out_tongue: Big fan of the new colors by the way.

Hi There Bcurt002. The Torrent is absolutely rated to be submerged.

Thank you for checking us out!

Yukon Outfitters

Hi Hobie298,

Thanks for the observation and we hear your point… but this is one tough bag. We wanted to create one that can serve as that back of the pickup, tough duffel, yet in a pinch be able to easily carried on a plane or trunk of car… etc.

Our big boy in the marine bag line right now is the 100L Summit Duffel which is huge. It was on the Sport Daily event last night.

Thanks for looking!

Redcore! Welcome back son! Sorry for the delay in updating the boards but we all crashed out after dinner and being up all night last night for the Premier of the dry bag event.

The new colors have been a huge hit and folks have really been pleased with the Matte’ finish on the Low Country bag. {the Torrent Dry bag set is a steal btw and we figured we’d give the Wooters an exlusive peak into the rest of the new line}


I’m looking for the rest of Bcurt002 answers:

What material are the torrent bags made of?

What thickness is the material?

Looks like a good product with a great price point, but I’d like more details.



I love my Tactical Alpha Backpack from these guys I got in a woot-off last year. I don’t NEED a new bag right now, but whenever I see their stuff I have to come and look anyways. That Lowcountry duffle is mighty tempting.


the torrent dry bag set is made from a heavy duty tarpaulin material. The kind of stuff industrial semi trailer covers is made out of . The thickness is 1.5cm. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance!


Yukon Outfitters

Justjking, don’t you ‘need’ a waterproof bag that can haul your gear in adverse conditions?? :wink:

Thanks for looking!

Has anyone strapped one of the duffels to a motorcycle? Wondering how waterproof it would be when vertical.


  1. The BigHorn is listed as 18 x 9.5 x 9.5 = 1625 cubic inches, which is only 26.6 Liters yet the bag specs list it as a 65 L bag. Which is it?

  2. The Lowcountry is listed at 11" x 11.5" x 23" which is 47 L. IS that correct?

Are the two materials the same?

Anyone know if this is like a Tatonka all weather duffel bag?


We’re doing motorcycle bag trials right now and will post results asap. Obviously the Badger Dry bag and the Torrent dry bag set are going to be a non issue on a bike, but the duffels will need to remain right side up to 100% guarantee no water on the inside. We’ll post the unaltered results motorcycle results in different configurations on our facebook page once we get some rain.


Not going radio silent on you, let us check alll points and we’ll advise shortly. It could be a typo between the spec sheet and event post.

thanks for pointing this out!

I think we figured out how to strap them down right side up. We ordered some yesterday for our upcoming trip (which has rain in the forecast). We’ll let you know how they do if we encounter rain. Looking forward to seeing your other bags.

I just received the Torrent bags and the tags on them state, “Not Intended For Full Submersion”. Which is the truth here?