Yukon Outfitters Mission Bag

I may have had a one-off bad one, but I had a snap rip off the first day I got one of these. It’s a bit ironic that the bags mission was to carry changing supplies for my newborn and it couldn’t handle a day of tactical doody. Woot was great and refunded it, but still disappointing. Other bags I have from them have been great, just make sure you run them through their paces right away in case you get a bad one.

Does this OD mission bag come with the pad on the shoulder strap that’s shown with the black mission bag?


Hahaha, tactical doody has us rolling over here! Very sorry to hear of your snap failure. Next time please write to us at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com and we’ll get you a brand new one. Thinks for your support!


We’ve discontinued use of a shoulder pad for this style.