Yukon Outfitters Outdoors Gear

I purchased the Tactical Alpha Backpack and the Rifle Scabbard the last time they were on here. Both are very high quality items. The backpack material is a little thinner than some similar packs, but at the price both items are a great value I think. Tons of pockets on the backpack and plenty of Molle webbing on both. My only disappointment was seeing Made in China when I opened the box.

They have more product shots of this bag on their facebook page.


Made in China = low prices
Made in USA = higher prices

You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

almost same sleeping bag in the same color for 5 dollars less http://sport.woot.com/offers/ledge-sports-30-sleeping-bag-green-3

Can anyone tell me about experiences with the hatchet? Thinking about grabbing one.

Throwing one is more fun, though.

I just picked up a hatchet. I’m hoping it’s decent quality. I intend to take it on camping and backpacking trips but I figure it will be good to have on hand, anyway.

I need more specs on the Breakdown case! Like inside dimensions and pictures of the inside of the actual firearm compartment.

Anyone have anything good, or bad to say about the Bugout?

It seems like Kelty makes these Yukon bags,
but I can’t find any info on the Bugout Bag itself.

Looking for something to carry a few small handtools, a drill & my lunch.


So true, but one can dream.

Has anyone gotten some hands on experience with the Tactical Bug-out Bag? I’m interested in it, but would like some real opinions on it.

Hi there.

Breakdown case is 25" wide and will hold most M4’s with carry handles and your scope system. These are also great for breakdown Keltecs or smaller pistol carbine systems. Check out our YouTube video to see it up close and personal.

Thanks for looking!

A Link would be helpful.

Can anyone comment on the range bag? It looks nice but I wanna know if there’s any support on the bottom to keep it from collapsing in on itself when it’s fully loaded.

Purchased two of the Overwatch bags from two previous woots. One is my coaching bag, which carries my netbook, tablet, coaching credentials, minor first aid supplies, along with a multitude of other small items. I also grabbed one as a small bug-out bag.

Very solid bag (construction-wise) with a surprising amount of storage for the size.

but, you definitely feel every ounce beyond a certain point with the single cross-strap design. The lighter strength nylon, compared to other manufacturers’ similar offerings, probably helps with this, but still a word of caution.

Obviously it wasn’t a deal breaker, as I bought a second one, but the longer I wear it, the more I feel it. (vs. the two-strap, full-sized backpack I used to use)

Can anyone figure out/find out how much the hatchet weighs?

Just wondering if anyone can verify which shoulder the Yukon Overwatch Sling Pack sits on. From the pic it looks like the right but just wanted to make sure. Wasn’t sure if Yukon made one that sits on the left.

You’re not alone, it definitely appears to rest on the right shoulder. It shouldn’t be switched/on the other shoulder. Most slings hang over the right.

I got one last week, it does hang on the right shoulder.

I really, really like it. I have been searching long and hard and spent too much money trying to find, pretty much, this bag.

Just ordered another, if that tells you anything. :slight_smile:

Soon to come: CapnK’s Woot page of slightly used other backpacks and bags… :wink: