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2 questions:

  1. Which aluminum alloy are these poles made from … 6061 or 7075 or something else?

  2. Is there a shock absorption mechanism inside?

Okay, I feel like a doof, but can someone tell me how you hook up the hammock? I bought one previously and was so excited to take it camping. Then I got it out and realized that the cable loops are about 3 inches long and I had no way to hook it around the tree.

Hi Blacklria,

These poles are 6061 and there is a shock absorption mechanism on the inside.

Thank you for looking and please let us know if you have any other questions!

-Yukon Outfitters

Hi joandirk,

No worries, we are happy to see someone new entering the hammock community!

Our hammocks are designed to be used with a separate system to anchor the hammock to the trees. This can be done simply with paracord/rope, or with the hammock straps of your choice.

Before using your hammock, make sure that the ropes on each end are looped through the knotted end, “closing off” each end of the hammock. Make sure that the D-hook is firmly attached to the rope, and run it through the knotted end of that same rope. Repeat this on the other side of the hammock as well. The D-hooks will serve as what connects the hammock to your strapping system.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at customerservice@yukon-outfitters.com if you wish to receive visual instructions of this process.

Thank you for supporting Yukon Outfitters, and please let us know if we can be of any further assistance!

Thank you!

How is the Riffle Scabbard to be used. I have a full length (california legal) Saiga 7.62x39 and
the butt end sticks out quite a bit. I realize that its not a full case, but was wondering as to the most optimal way to use it.

do you mean shock cord?

Is the water bottle container on the sling pack detachable?

On the Tactical Alpha backpack, Is that thing hydration pack compatible, with a means to holding a hydration bladdre, and access for the hose to get out?

I emailed the buyer to find out, I’ll update my post when I have more info.

No. It is a shock absorption mechanism that has a thick spring and sits between 2 pole pieces on the inside.

I was more concerned that it was made out of the cheaper 6061 vs. 7075. Considering the places I use them I could not step down from 7075.

But at $15, it makes sense at that price-point.

I purchased the MG-12321 Rifle Scabbard last time it was offered here at Woot.

Let me say that for the money, I was very impressed with the product. My Sig M400 fit beautifully.

My only dissapointment was to discover that the scabbard won’t fit now that I have attached the Magpul MOE Foregrip.

Is Yukon Outfitters thinking about manufacturing another similar scabbard to address this issue?


Hi dsentelle,

The Overwatch Sling Pack water bottle pouch is MOLLE compatible and detachable.

The Alpha Pack is hydration bladder compatible, with hose access points at the top of the pack.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with!

-Yukon Outfitters

Awesome, thanks for the info!

I bought the larger BOB bag the first time it was offered and I’m very happy with the product. I have a pack similar to the over-watch bag from a different manufacturer but paid a ton more. I’d be jumping on this bag if I didn’t already have the other.

Will the breakdown gun case take a full length AR rifle upper? The description implies it can.

The short answer is yes. Below is a link to a video discussing the features of the bag.

I am scared off by Yukon Outfitters website or lack there of, there is nothing on there for the Tactical section, except “Test Blocks”. There is nothing in the Accessories category, well any category except the Outdoor category. The only items listed for sale are the hammocks and sleeping bags! None of the other products listed here are on the website.

Here is a copy from the Yukon Outfitters website: Yukon Outfitters Philosophy
Nec etiam augue, sed nunc penatibus, aliquet, ultricies scelerisque, pulvinar tristique rhoncus tortor ultricies turpis? Turpis tristique integer!

Also, over a month ago I tried using their contact us, asking about my concerns as listed above and still have not received a reply.

Someone posting on here with details but can not answer an email from their own web site scares me off. I would rather purchase my bag from another supplier.

I personally have nothing against them but do have concerns about them as a business and philosophy since it is in gibberish Latin.

Yeah, I would agree, their online presence is quite lacking. I bit the bullet last time some of their stuff was up and bought two of their Tactical Alpha backpacks (despite the horrible lack of information about it) and decided to pick up a third this time around.

I will say, the backpacks I bought are really nicely constructed.

From what I can see, it looks like their current sales tactic is to sell everything on either Woot or Amazon.


This rifle scabbard is designed to protect the most important parts of your weapon system; specifically the receiver and barrel. The butt is supposed to stick out… so don’t worry about that.

Key points of this weapon storage system is to allow for quick access to your weapon if you are ‘out and about’ … on the range, farm, patrol this scabbard is a great choice as it allows for a man portable yet protective storage solution.