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There were really only 2 of these?!

I ordered the Overwatch sling bag in one of the earlier woots. The zipper on my outer lower pouch would not close properly (teeth would not match up). I contacted Yukon about the zipper about a month ago and they said they would ship one out for me by the end of that week. I just reached out to them again and they said it will be another 1-2 weeks before the replacement ships.

During that time I’ve used the bag but dont put anyting in the outer lower pouch. and now I notice that the smaller webbing strap that creates the third point in the sling is fraying away from the bag.

The build quality of this bag is pretty sub par. Which is unfortunate, because the bag itself is really well laid out and pretty cool. I get compliments on it pretty regularly. Their customer service is very nice and apologetic but I will have to wait and see if the bag I got was a lemon or all their bags are poorly constructed.

That Overwatch pack is a bad clone of the Maxpedition Sitka I use for hiking. Where I could trust my Sitka with 30 pounds of gear I’d be afraid to take this one out with as much.

What’s that big orange thing? Oh, its the (unavailable) parachute blanket–the only thing I want from YO.

Bring it back and I’ll buy it.

For being a quarter of the price I’m not surprised. Do you have this product though or are you just assuming? I’d like some real feedback.

Same exact problem with zipper on same exact pouch.
Going to call customer support tomorrow!

Thirded. Apparently this is a consistent flaw. However with mine, it was only one of the zipper slides that wouldn’t engage the teeth properly. So… I just use the other one exclusively.

Do the hammocks get hot when you’re laying in them?

That’s a bad sign. It means the plastic is stretching. Be careful not to set your hammock up over anything that might hurt you if you experience a catastrophic material failure.


You’re correct, this bag has been backordered for some time and we have not forgotten about you. Our goal is to have replacement tracking numbers to you middle of next week.

Thanks for checking in.




As mentioned previously, we have a firm arrival date of our replenishment stocks on this item next week. Please drop us a line over at customer service and we’ll take care of you.


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Purple Cow,

We’ve got your back… drop us a line and we’ll get you sorted out immediately.


Yukon Outifitters


Our materials are breathable. Not sure which hammock you’re referring to but body temp is directly correlated to a number of factors. 1. Geographic location (always good to set up your hammock in an area with a good breeze and awesome view if possible.) 2. Time of year (spring/summer vs. Fall/winter) 3. Proximity to a camp fire (always a no-no) 4. Overall fitness level of the user (several of us fall into this category and require fresh sources of iced tea on a warm summers day 5. Food intake - spicy food can easily raise body temp 6. materials used for the lakeside and traditional hammock are a cotton-poly blend.

Hope that this helps and thanks for looking!

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I’ve been looking at the bags in my cart for the last 24 hours but I really am having a hard time with the larger pack only having 1 picture. Its so hard to know if it’ll work for a bug out bag without being able to see the front straps, inside the bag. I don’t understand why the overwatch bag has multiple shots but the other bag does not? I’ve googled to death and still cannot find more images anywhere online and their website leaves a lot to be desired in terms of being user friendly. Any plans to help us reluctant buyers see more angles of the larger bag by posting more photos before the sale is over?

A gal trying to get organized

Here are some additional photos of the Bugout Bag:


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Please let us know if you have any questions!

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Thank you so much! Purchase made! I went with the larger option and really liked the interior organization. I think it will serve as a great Get Home Bag. I’d like to see your “Yukon Bug Out Bag” on Woot. Any chance that we’ll see that make an appearance anytime soon?

I bought the MG-12407 Tactical Range Bag last month I believe and I’m having issues with the zippers on the top compartments. I would have just stuck with my backpack had I known of the issue.

Thanks for posting this - now I know to PASS on this and spend some extra $$$ on a quality bag

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