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So what’s the connection system like on the hammock?

Any information on where the machete is made?

Where the machete was made- let me guess…?

Some artisan/crafty-folk, a small town/in a little place called- China?

How’d I do?

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How’d I do?[/quote]

Statistically-speaking, really, really well.

i’ve received word from our buyer that the machete was, indeed, made in china.

Any info on the weight of the hatchet? Looks like an attempted lightweight model.

I’m trying to find some additional information about the hammock but I cant seem to find any online ratings or reviews about it using the keywords/name provided. Is there a model number I can look up?

To clarify, I’m referring to the lakeside hammock.

Anyone have any input on the fishing nets and the quality/durability from Yukon?

weight of the hatchet = 14 ounces.

we’re working on getting some answers regarding the hammock questions in this thread.

You may wanna swap the first and second photos of the machete - the foreshortening on the photo makes it look like it’s a knife.

Weight info on all the products would be great. That has a pretty big effect on camp-gear-buying

The Triangular Net is clearly Pentagonal… Someone failed their geometry classes.

Hi There… ! Thought we’d jump in to help answer some questions, so y’all go easy on us!

The Lakeside hammock is a new product for us, and it looks good in our lodge but I know we’re biased. The rigging system is going to be up to each individual, It will work with traditional deck support systems or an out of the box hammock cradle found at most big box stores.

We hope this helps!

welcome, and thanks for popping in!

Is the camp blanket machine washable?

Is it me or does the hatchet look EXACTLY like 12 Survivors brand that sold a few weeks back??? http://sport.woot.com/plus/12-survivors-survival-gear

Thank you.

Okay, you’ve got me for the Lakeside Hammock, but I’d love to see more info on this somewhere.

Also, is there an actual website for these products?